A video hosting site that allows creators total control over their content.

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PeerTube is a video hosting service designed to provide content creators full control over their video content and the servers they choose to post on. Originally formed as a company intending to inform others about digital production and how it works, the company has become its own unique hosting site. Instead of operating as one large mega-server, PeerTube consists of a series of smaller, localized servers -- which gives content creators more control. Additionally, each smaller server is hosted by a real human being: this gives creators the assurance that their content won't be lost in an algorithm or filtered by an unthinking computer. Whereas mega-video-servers like YouTube rely on tech algorithms to manage their enormous servers, PeerTube relies on real people.

Most importantly, unlike other video hosting sites that analyze your data and make money off advertisements or monetizing their services, PeerTube is completely free, will not use advertisers, and does not allow any third party to analyze your data or your content. By respecting your privacy, PeerTube ensures that your videos -- not your data -- will be the star of your content server. 

The coding for the servers on PeerTube is open access and free to the public, allowing creators control and opportunities for engagement. Site users can evolve their coding and the site through open access networks. This type of open transparency ensures a unique and personalized experience of their site.

As a social media mechanism, PeerTube works like a federation, wherein a number of smaller programs work together to create a shared social media experience. PeerTube users, for example, can follow Mastadon users and vice versa. 

Rather than being one large server, PeerTube is a series of smaller interconnected servers so all creators can control their own servers.

  • Open access coding
  • No advertisements, no tracking, no privacy invasion
  • Federation of social media networks and experiences
  • Creators control their own content
  • Servers are hosted by real people, not tech algorithms
If you're looking for an alternative to YouTube or Vimeo, then check out PeerTube. This platform lets you stream videos to the world with a simple upload and stay in contact with your fellow video developers and creators. What distinguishes PeerTube from Youtube and its other competitors is that the interface is totally customizable, from the colors to the web client.