by Pelikan Software Kft

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Pelikan Software Kft

Last revision: Last week

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The priPrinter is a good replacement for the normal software included with the printer. As you know, when sending a document for printing you have to overcome a few steps before the pages are printed. At some point, the user switches from the browser shell or text editor to a proprietary utility from the printer manufacturer. So, the priPrinter program is an extended analogue of such a utility.

Its key difference is the ability to edit the document before printing. Let's say you decided to print a page from a PDF document, but do not want to see a certain image or text on it. With the help of this program you can easily delete an unnecessary element or replace it with another one. In general, it's a pretty original and useful program.

- allows you to add new documents to the print window by dragging and dropping;

- allows you to create images from documents;

- you can customize the margins and indents for the text on the page;

- has a search function in the text.

James (unverified)
This sounds like a really useful program. If it does indeed work with any printer, then you no longer need to worry about the specific install software from different printers. Additionally, it provides more functionality than the standard programming and would save a user a lot of time if you wanted to make quick changes to a document before printing. Very practical program.
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