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Allows you to coordinate transformations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Surgical Grade Software

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ProGrid is a software for Windows OS that allows you to do coordinate transformations. 

When you are doing geographical coordinate transformation, it is always difficult because of the different reference systems. To address this problem, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics designed the software ProGrid.


ProGrid supports coordinate transformation handling 2D classical networks and 3D space geodetic points.
  • ProGrid is great for transforming coordinates between the official reference systems of Brazil. This means you can do the transformation between the Córrego Alegre, SAD69, and the newer SIRGAS2000. Any old data you are working on can get easily transitioned to new standards.
  • The software simplifies the process by complicated steps. You can process files containing latitude and longitude grid values and make the transformation in the NTv2 format. This format is compatible with many Spatial Information Systems (SIG) or GPS programs.
  • It is user-friendly with a simple interface that gives users of all levels the opportunity to get started and handle the geospatial data.
  • It’s real-time processing features are great because every time you will get correct results without missing out on speed. You won’t miss the deadlines because of error prone results. 
  • ProGrid supports coordinate transformation handling 2D classical networks and 3D space geodetic points. This is critical as it makes sure the data is accurate by ensuring the distortion behaviour of both.
  • You will not feel stuck with issues as you can read and refer to documentation and articles that explain the core workings of the software and guide you to do the transformations.
  • Another great feature of ProGrid is along with offering accurate data. It also gives you detailed information about the uncertainties involved in the processes of calculation.

ProGrid is a useful software that runs on Windows OS and helps transform geospatial data in Brazil. Not only is this software easy to use but it also supports the major reference systems. If you are looking for software for doing coordinate transformations with accurate results that are aligned with the latest standards, ProGrid is a super choice.


Operating system: Microsoft Windows
Framework: .NET 4.0 or higher
Low-level native graphics support

Boasts powerful features with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
Switches with ease between vertical and horizontal displays.
Provides efficient, fast performance, even for large data tables.

Requires .Net 4.0 framework or higher, limiting its compatibility.
Struggles with performance for extremely large data tables.
Interface may be confusing for beginner developers.