Code Visual Editor logo
Consistently, many new Code Editors are sent off, and the engineer finds it trying to pick one.
CASE Studio logo
A smooth program that will require less space than most projects in the part Development programming
MyISQL logo
Open Source server which is relational database management server.
Blood Magic logo
Lets you play a game and have fun with Dungeons and Dragons.
Ptable logo
The Periodic Table application contains point by point synthetic and actual data of every substance component. Brighten up your science on Windows
SqlDbx Personal logo
It provides an user interface between different DBMS systems.
Peco logo
It allows interactively filter our data, it was mainly used in operation and comfort control.
OpenBase SQL logo
OpenBase SQL is a relational database server software developed for open source platform
DiskBoss logo
DiskBoss is an automated, policy-based data management solution
DBF Viewer 2000 logo
A viewer and editor for DBF files as well as other formatted files.
wxWidgets logo
Mature and easy framework that is quite well documented
PSPad editor logo
An editor tool for windows operating system
DTM SQL Editor logo
User-friendly database management tool set
Zend Studio Professional logo
An integrated development environment for PHP.
Navicat Premium (Multiple Databases GUI) logo
A multi-connection database management tool for MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite, Oracle & PostgreSQL
Programmers Notepad Portable logo
A Modern feature rich notepad for programming languages
WebSite X5 Evolution logo
Professional WebSite Development with in some clicks away
NTLite Free 32-bit logo
A high performance Windows configuration tool for 32 and 64 bit systems
Wolfhud logo
Wolfhud is a collection of Heads Up Display altering modifications for PayDay 2.
FlexSite logo
Flexsite is a muti-platform HTML editor that allows highly efficient editing.
Transaction Generator logo
An effective load testing tool for Oracle, MySQL and other multiple databases.
RazorSQL logo
Advanced database administration tool that works across many platforms
Navicat for MySQL logo
Easy to use Navicat Database SQL software
Insomnia code logo
Prevents your computer from going to sleep mode.
Codecombat logo
An opensource computer education game that teaches programming and computer science principles
WinSQL logo
WinSQL is a querying tool for databases
WebTide HTML Editor logo
A web developer HTML editing software program
CSE HTML Validator Lite logo
A html developer software program
Sharelatex logo
Sharelatex is a online Latex edition software.
MoreMotion Web Express logo
A WYSIWYG HTML editor that enable uses to develop web sites and their pages without knowing HTML
HMView logo
for creators of HTML reports who wish to convey their pages on a diskette or some other disconnected medium
DEV-C++ logo
A program integrated development environment, works with all languages of programming
dbForge SQL Decrypter logo
Free decryptor tool for Microsoft SQL databases.
MSWLogo logo
A logo-based programming environment for educational purposes
SQLite Database Recovery logo
An Efficient tool that repairs corrupt SQLite database
PMD logo
An cross-platform tool that analyses source codes
phpMyAdmin logo
Allows access to control MySQL server from a web browser
Code::Blocks logo
An open source software that allows coders to develop software in their own way
Create an easier experience with Oracle and database performance
dbMonitor logo
A monitor of various database events which provides analysis and statistics of processes
dbForge Search for SQL Server logo
A free add-in available for Microsoft SQL that allows you to locate data.
PWCT logo
PWCT is an open source visual programming language used for software development
Dictionary.NET logo
A small utility that provides definitions
SPSS logo
A Windows program that performs data entry and statistical analyses
NSIS logo
A open source system that is used for created software installations
SQL Server Express logo
A free software product that organizes and regulates databases
ProWritingAid Desktop logo
Write papers and even check if you are plagiarizing
SourceTree logo
A Git GUI to simplify coding.
Genymotion logo
An Android emulator used by app developers to safely test their products
GitKraken logo
A modern, attractive Git interface
BlueJ logo
A downloadable Java tool used to assist Java developing
Arduino logo
Get the latest version from the download page. You can choose between the Installer (.exe) and the Zip packages
TeXnicCenter logo
Latex editor on windows used for editing
License Manager logo
Provides a license for windows processor
First Name 2017 logo
A way to descirbe software used on new windows platforms
MinGW logo
Open source programming tool set for windows
WinZip Self Extractor logo
WinZip is a popular, easy to use file extractor for Windows
Neo Sign 0f Misery logo
Neo Sign 0f Misery is an application designed to automate user actions on a computer
Microsoft Windows Installer logo
Standard Windows software that manages installation and uninstallation of software
Joomla! logo
Joomla is a software helping people create websites and mobile applications for free and open-source
Visual Studio Code logo
A free code editor, which runs on the macOS, Linux, and Windows operating systems
msvbvm50.dll logo
The Msvbvm50.dll file is a dynamic link library for Windows
CMake logo
CMake is a cross-platform free and open-source software tool for managing the build process of software using a compiler-independent method
Vectric Aspire logo
Intuitive software for creating parts on a CNC for windows
Olly Debugger logo
A debugger that emphasizes binary code analysis
PureBasic logo
Computer programming language for windows
XNA Framework logo
Set of tools managed by microsoft processors
ProShow Gold logo
Allows for creation of photo and video slide shows
Buildbox logo
A development tool that can be run on both Windows Operating System and OSX
IDA Freeware logo
Disassembler for code analysis on windows
Node.js logo
Javascript run time that is new and updated
RTL.bpl logo
A set of libraries required to run programs built in C++ Builder or Delphi
Sun Java JRE logo
Java run software for windows servers
Kodak EasyShare Software logo
Software program to get your pictures from Camera to Computer in a few clicks
Zend Studio logo
A set of editing, debugging, analysis, and optimization tools to speed up the PHP development process
Mobile BASIC logo
This tool allows the phone to share its Internet connection with computers via USB and Bluetooth
PDFBlackbox VCL logo
This a a video watcher used for windows and its for PC
QBasic (QuickBASIC) logo
Use to run quick basic program and software developed for your Windows10 desktop or tablet
AppStudio logo
An online tool for creating Universal Windows Apps
IntelliJ IDEA logo
Provides consistent experience across processor
Pygame logo
Pygame will help you write your own video games
OpenSSL logo
Commercial grade tool kid for windows
Dr. Explain logo
Captures application screens or web pages and documents them automatically!
EasyPHP logo
A free suite of web developing tools developed for Windows
Active XL Report logo
An ActiveX component used to design reports without much coding
Qt logo
A framework for developing intuitive, modern user interfaces across platforms
Turbo Pascal logo
Software development system and compiler
SWI-Prolog logo
A software providing executable logic programming language for artificial intelligence and/or computational linguistics
Marmalade SDK logo
Development kit and game manager for windows
Kodu logo
Kodu, originally named Boku, is a programming integrated development environment by Microsoft's FUSE Labs
Microsoft Photo Story logo
Photo story creation application for windows
ActivePerl logo
Trusted perl distribution system for windows processor
MetaTree Component for Delphi logo
Software application for use by Delphi
Android SDK logo
Provides all necessary tools to create Android apps
Python logo
A program that lets you install Python on windows
Aptana Studio logo
A windows program to create and make applications and programs
Visual Prolog logo
Multi paradigm programming language based on the logical language Prolog
Base64 Encoder/Decoder logo
Decoder available for windows processor online
Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers logo
Eclipse IDE is available on major operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
PyCharm logo
A fully-featured Python programming language IDE for Windows
Stencyl logo
Virtual stencyl for Windows processor oline
Image Converter EXE logo
A program to process and convert between multiple image formats
Marmoset Toolbag logo
Supporting 32 and 64 windows works
Windows Post Install logo
Allows for install for windows processor
Character Creator logo
Software to easily create, import and customize stylized or realistic looking character assets
Inno Setup logo
A free, stable, and feature-filled installer for Windows programs
PyQt logo
Python bindings for Digia's Qt cross-platform application development framework
Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate logo
Fully-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows
Qucs logo
A command-line terminal circuit simulator that you can use both in the application or as a totally independent program
Qt Creator logo
It is a type of programming software used in architecture that is popular
Microsoft Windows SDK logo
A windows laptop version for a sd card like program `
XULRunner logo
A packaged version of the Mozilla platform to enable standalone desktop application development
Shell MegaPack ActiveX logo
Brings folder browser to an app on windows
My Photo Books logo
This software will enable you to create professionally designed, richly customized photo books
Lazarus logo
Lazarus is an open source, multi-platform compiler that runs on most operating systems
PHP for Windows logo
PHP provided for windows software accessible
PE Explorer logo
This allows for hacking software information
Android Studio logo
Android Studio for Windows is the go-to platform for android app development
Game Maker logo
A powerful, efficient tool to make your game a reality
The Enigma Protector logo
Software to protect executable files from illegal copying, hacking, modification, and analysis
VideoCap SDK ActiveX logo
Professional level Video Capture software
cURL logo
Enabled for secure sockets layer for WIndows
FireBug logo
Firebug facilitated the debugging, editing and monitoring of any website's HTML,CSS and JavaScript
Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2019 logo
This full-featured development environment turns great ideas into exceptional solution
Kodu Game Lab logo
An easy to use, visual programming language specifically for game creation
Posteriza logo
A Program allow you to create posters and large bills, even if your printer doesn't accept those printing settings
Advanced Installer logo
This is a Windows 10 tool used to install, update and configure products safely
FIBPlus for Delphi logo
FIBPlus is a flexible and easy-to-use library of Delphi
Modbus Poll logo
Master simulator designed primarily to help developers test Modbus protocol
DVDStyler logo
A DVD authoring application for the creation of professional-looking DVDs
FlashDevelop logo
FlashDevelop is an advanced project development application which includes an array of different tools for developers
Syser Kernel Debugger logo
A popular kernel-level debugger with a full graphical interface
PEiD logo
This will help you recognize popular packers, cryptors, and compilers for PE files
Free Pascal logo
Pascal compiler available for windows
Adobe Flash Player Debugger logo
Flash player designed for windows processing
Photo SlideShow Maker logo
Allows for photo of video slide shows on Windows
VB Decompiler Lite logo
Tool that can decombile information from windows
NetBeans IDE logo
Allows windows users to create programs and software
ARC Welder logo
Publish your own Android apps to Chrome OS
Justinmind Prototyper Pro logo
Allows for big projects to be worked on using wireframes and interactive pages
Mockplus logo
Makes prototyping easier for multiple platforms.
Eclipse IDE logo
Easy way for learners beginning into coding and also professional developers
DrJava logo
Allows newer java users to make use of it
Syncovery (32-bit) logo
Backup and store all your files within all your databases
Altium Designer logo
A printed circuit board (PCB) development and design software
SQLS Plus for SQL Server logo
Used by DBAs, Developers and Operations to execute DBA tasks
TortoiseGit logo
A free, open sourceGIT with Windows shell interface
Pelles C logo
A compiler and development kit for the C language
HxD Hex Editor logo
Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor
TeXstudio logo
Helps the user with spell checking, code folding, and syntax highlighting.
SQL Dumper logo
A software tool that allows people working with SQL greater control, convenience, and usability
Microsoft Office Access Runtime logo
Allows users to distribute Microsoft Access to other users.
Atmel Studio logo
A code development environment that makes writing and debugging microcontroller code easier and more efficient.
VCF Viewer logo
Transfer your contact information more efficiently
EMU8086 logo
Emulate the old 8086 processing systems.
Microsoft Report Viewer Redistributable logo
A package for viewing reports designed from Microsoft reporting technology in a structure way
dnSpy logo
A .NET assembly editor and will help you debug software that you may be developing
KDiff3 logo
Mark differences or merge files and directories.
Allows Android software to run on a PC platform, specifically Windows.
Android MultiTool logo
Easy Tool for decompiling, compiling, signing, installing framework and signing off on files
HTML Compiler logo
Compile HTML web pages in executable format on Windows OS
Navicat MySQL Manager Lite logo
Work with MySQL databases easier and more efficient
ExpertGPS logo
A mapping software for Mapping Data Downloading
WinToBootic logo
Make bootable 32-bit or 64-bit Windows installers from ISO files
QBasic logo
An interpreter for Quick Basic for Windows 10
DBeaver logo
An open source SQL tool that allows the user to manage client and databases
Oracle SQL Developer logo
Access your Oracle/SQL database easily
SixaxisPairTool logo
A prefect application for pairing your phone and controller.
Dynamic Web TWAIN logo
Scan documents in a browser that are used for web applications
jGRASP logo
Makes visualizing (“grasping”) source code and data structures easy and intuitive
Just BASIC logo
A powerful tool for teaching and learning programming
Business-in-a-Box logo
A complete library of over 1800 documents for all business and legal needs
Minitab logo
A software for data representation, analysis, and exporting
BareTail logo
A real-time log file monitoring tool for Windows
SAP Crystal Reports Viewer logo
Get the information from various sources like Oracle, Excel, Access, SQL, etc.
Code Writer logo
An advanced text and code editor for Windows
Agena logo
A new intuitive procedural programming language tool best used for the fields of science, math, script writing, and networking.
Komodo Edit logo
A simplest code editor for both basic and more advanced users
Geany logo
A lightweight cross-platform text editor for programmers
Statgraphics logo
SA data analysis and visualization software
imageUSB logo
Create a bootable image to USB flash drive out of any ISO file
XVI32 logo
A high-quality Hex editing software that allows you to view and modify any file in hexadecimal format.
NI Multisim logo
A clear cut management tool for connected devices.
Crimson Editor logo
A feature-packed text editor that supports multiple programming languages
Wing IDE logo
A simple way to program in a fully functioning Python environment
HashCalc logo
Calculate hash functions. Perfect for new cryptographers entering the crypto space!
Weka logo
Weka is used for data mining purposes by utilizing a wide assortment of machine learning algorithms
Brackets logo
An open-source text editor that's perfect for writing code
Avocode logo
Create applications for Andriod, IOS, or websites
Boostnote logo
Take notes while programming and coding
Xenko logo
Public sourced c+ and c# game engine