School Calendar

by OrgBusiness Software

An interactive schedule management tool for teachers and students to organize academic tasks efficiently

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OrgBusiness Software

Release : School Calendar 4.4

Antivirus check: passed

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'School Calendar' software is an essential tool for both teachers and students in secondary and higher education. It allows them to track their classes and tasks, organizing their studies more efficiently. This system is designed for planning and coordinating time to prevent overlapping classes. It provides the ability to track an individual student or teacher, a group of students, a classroom, or the entire teaching staff of a school.

'School Calendar' serves as a single reference for all course-related information, including details, materials, grades, and comments. The software features an automatic search function and automatically enters class information if it has already been added to the database. For added convenience, several view modes are available, such as a calendar with a vertical or horizontal timeline or a format resembling a table.

  • Alerts to help users never miss a class or significant event.
  • A special feature for teachers to view payment details for a specific date.
  • Option to synchronize calendar data with Microsoft Outlook and export it to various formats like .xls, .txt, .html, .xml, .pdf for use in other applications.
  • Save events in an iCalendar file with the .ics extension, allowing for easy data transfer between Scheduler and other applications, such as Apple iCal, Microsoft Exchange Server, Novell GroupWise.
  • An automatic backup option with the ability to automatically delete old archives.

There is an economical version available for group work, which allows users to work simultaneously on the network. Purchasing the software grants access to all new versions of the program for free, for life. 'School Calendar' is, therefore, an ideal tool to optimize organization and time management in an efficient and intuitive manner, for both teachers and students.

'School Calendar' software enhances productivity by ensuring efficient organization and management of academic tasks and schedules.
1. Must support multiple users with individual tracking
2. Should include calendar view modes with customizable timeline
3. Needs to have backup and automatic deletion options for archives
4. Must feature data synchronization with other software applications

Efficiently organizes studies and prevents overlapping classes.
Alerts ensure no missed classes or important events.
Easily syncs with various applications for versatile use.

Limited customization options may hinder personal preference.
May experience slow performance with large databases.
Doesn’t integrate with all learning management systems.
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