SecureAPlus 6.7.7

by Securage Technologies Ltd.

SecureAPlus is an advanced, comprehensive cyber security solution providing comprehensive protection for your computer and data against malware & other online threats.

SecureAPlus software (version 6.7.7) is an antivirus and application control software that provides real-time protection against malware. It offers multi-layered security that combines traditional signature-based antivirus with advanced behavior-based detection. The software allows users to whitelist trusted applications and block unauthorized or suspicious ones, providing an extra layer of protection against zero-day attacks. Additionally, SecureAPlus includes a cloud-based scanning feature to detect and remove malware that may have bypassed local security measures.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher : Securage Technologies Ltd.

Version: 6.7.7 (checksum)

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SecureAPlus 5 (1.9 MB)
SecureAPlus 6.7.7 (307.33 MB)