by Mireth Technology Corp.

A comprehensive hard drive cleaner and file shredder ensuring secure data deletion.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mireth Technology Corp.

Release : ShredIt 5.0

Antivirus check: passed

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Recovering files from your computer is possible. To protect your privacy, ShredIt is a powerful, user-friendly software that cleans up your hard drive and securely destroys files, making them unrecoverable. This software is designed for Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9. Perfect for securing your data, whether you want to permanently delete a file, clean up unused disk space, sanitize a hard drive before discarding it, or even obliterate data on a floppy disk.

ShredIt securely destroys files and cleans up unused disk space, making data irretrievable and protecting your privacy.
  • Secure File Deletion: ShredIt destroys files by making them irretrievable, thereby protecting your privacy.
  • Disk Space Clean-up: The software can also clean up unused space on your hard drive, ensuring that previously deleted files cannot be recovered.
  • Compatibility with Multiple Operating Systems: ShredIt is compatible with Mac OS 8 and Mac OS 9.
  • Compliance with DOD and NSA Standards: ShredIt complies with DOD and NSA safety standards, assuring a very secure data deletion.
  • Built-In Safety Features and Instructions: The software comes with step-by-step instructions and built-in safety features to ensure your data is securely destroyed.

ShredIt is an essential tool for anyone who cares about privacy and data security. Whether you're a business looking to permanently delete sensitive information or an individual wanting to protect your personal files, ShredIt gives you peace of mind knowing your data is truly destroyed and can't fall into the wrong hands.

Mac OS 8 or Mac OS 9 required
Minimum 512MB RAM
Hard Drive with at least 100MB free space
Supports floppy disk usage

Ensures secure and irretrievable file deletion.
Cleans up unused disk space effectively.
Compliant with DOD and NSA standards.

Not compatible with modern Mac operating systems.
Lacks support for Windows systems.
No free version or trial available.
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