Simple Port Forwarding

by Shane C

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Shane C

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.42855

Simple Port Forwarding is a program designed to quickly and easily add ports to your router/modem. It automates the adding process and does everything for you. The main program window is compact and not clogged with unnecessary details.

Simple Port Forwarding only adds new ports and does not modify or delete existing ones. However, the program can help the user to remove/modify the ports using the 'View/Remove Current Ports' option.

Note: Some routers do not "like" the way the software sends username and password. Simple Port Forwarding sends them as part of a web address, e.g. [email protected] Some routers do not accept this and do not load the page. In this case, remove the user name and password from the program, and the router will then ask for them.

Fraser (unverified)
The page itself looks a little old, or cheap maybe? The description was easy enough to understand but I don't think that the description for the product should include the information about how the product sends ports. Furthermore, since this information was presented, I feel like the product should be fixed to prevent this from happening as port forwarding is already a complicated thing for people.
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