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Video recording and editing tools for beginners

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Beyond Magic

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Because it is a tool focused on the few experienced people since it is easy to use and learn fast.

  • SmartPixel is an intelligent option for video capture software since it is focused on people with little experience in the territory and that in some way these are the first steps so that they begin to understand how the software is used, such as editing correct way with its main tools. This software is very intuitive and didactic, the only problem is that being so simple some features do not meet the expectations of the most experienced people, therefore it is a double-edged sword since it is very simple but it makes up for it with what It is its most obvious and obvious characteristic that is the fact that practically everyone is easy to use it.
  • The Screen Capture mode, is one of the three SmartPixel modes, what this does is to make a video of what happens on your screen and record it, and just like recording a common and current video this has the option of, start the video (That is when you start to capture and record the screen), Pause the video at a certain time and I get the option to clear the video obviously and the option to stop the video. These basic functions, but fundamental in any screen capture software is essential to work perfectly, since in some cases the videos are short and incomplete or in some cases are illegible to play.
  • The option of a web camera is exactly what it sounds, activates the web camera that has your computer and is of the same computer or third hardware. This option was quite well optimized in the field that refers to the type of fluid that is seen and that has no errors, also adds a function that would be the filters, these modify the image or frames of the image giving results in some cases for that the image looks aesthetic or in other cases more clearance and funny to have fun for a while.
  • The editing mode of the video allows you to trim and improve the quality of the video to your liking, also how long the video will be made or how short it will be and cut specific parts of the video, it also allows you to add external audios of the original recording, parts of other videos and images, texts with varieties of fonts and colors and also allows you to add very striking and great video effects.

This software produces a lot of controversies lately since there are negative opinions about it, but the community also has positive opinions about the opinion that "to be good does not have to be perfect, and it is good basic and simple as it is" from people of advanced age to children who are just learning to use these programs they like and fascinate him because they have no complications in using it, and this is what SmartPixel does also.

Aiming to be the all in one video recorder. Allowing you to edit your current videos, while also being able to video record your screen and edit those as well. It would be very useful for screencasting and people who post phone videos online. The editing process seems simple and easy for most people to learn. A lot of options for the edits and screen recording process that many other apps or software may not have
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