by MAW Software Ltd.

An ultra-fast CRM tool for business sales and email marketing.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MAW Software Ltd.

Release : SMS-it 3.9.0

Antivirus check: passed

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To evolve in the over-competitive market, you need specialized tools to help you automate your business and increase sales. For this purpose, SMS-iT has been introduced with more than 50 sales and marketing tools. It is tailored to save on expensive monthly software costs so you can get a power-packed CRM to handle everything on a single platform. 

Whether it’s texting or calling, you can unleash a number of features to manage your sales and marketing business. This smart messaging solution software uses cutting-edge technology to target small and medium businesses across the globe. Moreover, it is integrated with artificial intelligence, which helps in the automation of different tasks and enhances the efficiency of the platform. 


SMS-iT allows you to scale the business faster by providing an all-in-one system for texting, calling, messaging, and booking appointments.

  • It is a smooth-working software used to send bulk messages to customers and target audiences. 
  • You’ll get a detailed list of features starting from client retention, lead acquisition, and sales management.
  • It offers a seamless integration with different communication channels so you can increase customer experience and make unlimited calls, messages, or emails. 
  • SMS-iT is exclusively designed to scale your business 10 times faster without worrying about scalability and cost efficiency. 
  • It combines with popular customer relationship management software like Salesforce and Flowtrack to establish itself as a leading SMB marketing platform. 


Using advanced technology, this tool provides impressive customer support and onboard assistance to its users. 

The additional features of SMS-iT include SIM card integration with warming technology. This enables perfect communication between users and increases customer engagement. Plus, an AI bot is also there to schedule bookings without any hassle. For efficient communication with clients, over 30 SMS gateways are added in the software. 

To maintain transparency and trust, blockchain is integrated so your sensitive information and confidential data remain protected. You also get 30+ smart tools to enhance your workflow and streamline the marketing process. So, it’s a complete package that ensures you get maximum impact on your business. 


Internet connection for sending SMS
Compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile phones
Integration with email account and other programs
User-friendly interface and easy usage

Sends SMS directly from a computer with internet.
Supports batch messages for mass notifications.
Easily integrates with other programs and applications.

Limited features in the free version of the software.
Requires stable and reliable internet connection to function.
No available app for mobile devices.