Snow Daze

by JixiPix, LLC

A photograph tool aiming at adjusting the effects to fit Christmas style

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JixiPix, LLC

Release : Snow Daze 1.27

Antivirus check: passed

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To put it in short, Snow Daze is a Photoshop-like program, the focus of which is focused on adjusting mainly snowiness, whiteness, and blooming of the picture to fit winter weather, correlating to the spirit of Christmas being present in the photo. The application is usable across platforms other than Windows (itself included, of course), and consists of several simple tools like cropping, zooming, moving the image, etc. You can, without a doubt, import and export images in a matter of a few clicks, as well as having options like randomizing all of the possible effects on selected images, making room for creativity and just fun.

The overall utility amount of Snow Daze isn't significantly a bunch, but you'd guess you wouldn't need more than the things it swears it does, so we'd say that's no big issue. The design is fairly smooth, not really making any difference in the grand scheme of things. One thing Snow Daze definitely helps you with is all the different presets you can come by and create yourself to all come assisting you when you need them, once again - in just a few clicks.


  • Accurate adjustments like brightness, white percentage, contrast, and color intensity, as well as particular ones like the fade of snow, its strength, and the cloud one, too
  • Creating, importing, and managing present built-in, done easily and with no hassles
  • Simple editing tools like cropping, reversing back, and forwarding the changes, and others
  • Brush instrument, capable of adding or removing selected changes, simply resetting your brush options, as well as, obviously, having its customizable size and opacity

Snow Daze, even for the advantages mentioned above, SD stands as a middle-of-the-ground software choice, mostly suitable for either the older generation or just base-level editing. This being said and everything, not to downplay its overall quality or capabilities but rather to point out a somewhat outdated approach to image editing, though once again, people of older ages could find tools like this just right and fit to do the job.

Snow Daze is a simple app that utilizes basic photograph editing features to help you create Christmas-fitting pictures in the easiest way possible


- Compatible with multiple hardware and software interfaces
- Supports multiple audio formats including WAV, MP3, and AIFF
- Reliable technical support available
- Accommodates vast library of sound samples

Intuitive interface makes operation easy for all skill levels.
Comprehensive set of professional mixing and mastering tools included.
Extensive library of high-quality sound samples for versatile compositions.

Limited sound sample variety for certain music genres.
Doesn't support some popular audio file formats.
No mobile version for on-the-go use.
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