Spam Trapper for Outlook

by Brigsoft

A plu-in app that basically sorts mails and prevent valid mails from being processed as spam

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Brigsoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Spam Trapper is a premium app developed by Brigsoft. The app is arranged into levels but the basic function of this app is to automatically sort and categorize emails on outlook as either valid or spam and prevent valid mails from being treated as spam and as such the user misses out on important mails. The app is organized into special statistical features, (SSF1, SSF2, ssf3, SSF4) that enable it to check the content of the incoming mail. The function of this level is to counter-check its language and content so as to prevent the user from reading inappropriate mails or warn the user before-hand. The app can therefore restrict the user from viewing emails that: use inappropriate/ illegal language, contains attachments that pause a threat to the user/ the PC, come with an empty body, contain spam link. The app has the ability to move unchangeable mails to the spam boxes automatically as well as restricting attachments. Interestingly, this app is integrated with the Bayesian filter technology that gives it an upper hand in detecting spam messages with minimum instructions to the app n what to treat as spam. The advantage of using this app is that the user can deactivate any level of the app they are not interested in and remain with what they want the app to do. 

Apart from the spam functions of this app, it also has other functions that it comes along with. The app can be used as an alarm clock as long as the user has not exited the app. In addition, the app automatically activates outlook and enables it to run in the background, with its icon appearing in the taskbar so that one does not have to look for it in the programs. 


Sorts and prevents valid mails from going into the spam box, can play mp3 and other media files
  • Filters spam attachments
  • Bayes filter
  • Access to address book 
  • Filter for empty mail, subject, and body
  • Hide outlook in the system tray
  • Play mp3 and other media files
  • Special statistics filters (SSF1,SSF2, SSF3, SSF4)

System requirements: The app requires windows 95 and above

Outlook versions: Outlook 2000 and above

Subscription fee required

Trial version available 

Available in English 

I can't stand spam emails so I downloaded Spam Trapper for Outlook for Windows. It's the best decision. It's the strongest anti-spam filter in the market. It's free so why not. My emails are so much more enjoyable now that I am bombarded with spams.
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