by Bytesignals

The ultimate app or website blocker you need for self-control and improved focus

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Bytesignals

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you often get distracted by social networking or messaging apps and cannot focus on your goals? If yes, StayFocused is here for your assistance. This online Chrome application helps you concentrate on your work and block distractions immediately. It puts a limit and thus restricts the amount of time you spend on time-wasting browsers or social apps. 

Above all, it’s a self-control, high-productivity tool that unlocks your peak performance levels. It cuts out unnecessary tabs and blocks sites, pages, sub-domains, videos, and images so you can stay on the right track. Blocking a website or application takes time, but with StayFocused, you can disable multiple sites that are no longer required during working hours. 


StayFocused increases productivity by blocking distractions and limiting over-used social media apps or websites.

  • An ultimate app and website blocker that controls screen time and puts a limit on used sites. 
  • It boosts productivity and increases your time management skills to focus more on your goals and work. 
  • The usage reminder and addiction trackers provide stats showing the number of hours you have used a certain website or application. 
  • You can enable the nuclear mode to set specific sites you want to block. This will allow you to figure out which sites you want to restrict, block duration, and when you want to start the time limit. 
  • You can also challenge yourself on the app before starting the timer. This will allow you to be more active and get rid of procrastination. 
  • Users can also set their working days and customize the time frame during which they want no distractions. 

What’s best about StayFocused is it gives you updates about your total time spent on an app, the time limit, and if you’ve over-used the website page or not. All of this helps you stay focused and clear your mind so you can instantly filter unwanted apps and sites. The goal tracker lets you organize your day and spend free time with your family and loved ones. 


1. Compatible with Windows 7 or higher, MacOS 10.9 or higher.
2. Requires at least 1 GB of RAM.
3. Minimum of 100 MB free disk space.
4. Internet access for website accessibility features.

Boosts productivity by encouraging focused, uninterrupted work periods.
Versatile usage, caters to various professions and activities.
Helps manage time efficiently with its built-in Pomodoro technique.

Not suitable for tasks requiring uninterrupted longer periods.
No mobile app version available.
Lacks a team collaboration feature.