Stock Predictor

by Ashkon Software LLC

Advanced software to analyze and test the stock charts and investment strategies

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ashkon Software LLC

Release : Stock Predictor 1.1.361

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you need accurate predictions of the stock market for long-term benefits? Ashkon Software provides a Stock Predictor with multiple features. You can make a possible guess about certain stocks with the advanced strategies of this software. It is designed for the technical aspects a stock trader needs to analyze stock charts.

This software will help you by displaying various indicators on the same chart or maintaining the list of stocks and indices. It utilizes built-in technical indicators and hundreds of investment strategies. You have the opportunity to backtest your trading strategy for a given security and selected period. A summarized performance for this strategy is also accessible with the help of Stock Predictor software.


  • The software assesses the stock traders to analyze stock charts for better performance.
  • They can backtest their investment strategies with the help of multiple indicators.
  • As a Stock Predictor user, you will be able to create and manage the list of securities.
  • It provides dozens of built-in technical indicators and five hundred strategies.
  • The one-click buy-and-sell feature of the software helps traders apply trading strategies and analyze their performance for a specific period.
  • You can improve the stock market strategies using features including a built-in data downloader and external stock data import and export modules.
  • The software provides a report describing earnings per share, high and low prices of the previous 52 weeks, ownership percentage, dividend rate, P/E and forward P/E ratio, and other information

Besides these features, you'll get automatic data correction and verification in the latest version of Stock Predictor. It has a built-in data feature without any subscription fee, as you don't need to pay for your charts.

The software is compatible with Windows 7,8,10, and 11. Moreover, you can use it on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows without any issues. So, download and install this amazing software tool for your best stock market experience as a trader.

Stock Predictor is a helpful tool for checking the daily stock market charts or analyzing investment strategies for long-term prediction in the stock market.
1. Ability to plot and analyze multiple stock charts simultaneously.
2. Must support back-analysis of over 600 investment strategies.
3. Capability to import, export and download external stock prices data.
4. Integrated module for automatic data check and correction.

Enables analysis of numerous investment strategies.
Displays multiple technical indicators simultaneously.
Facilitates easy import/export of stock price data.

Requires decent knowledge of stock trading terms.
Doesn't guarantee successful market predictions.
No mobile version available for on-the-go users.
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