Sunbelt Personal Firewall

by Sunbelt Software

It protects you from hackers and those willing to compromise your secret information

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Sunbelt Software

Release: Sunbelt Personal Firewall 4.6.1861

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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It is a software that was designed to counter the lack of security features that were already evident in the Windows firewall security that cannot protect the user from the simplest of the attacks. But with Sunbelt, you need to be relaxed that it works on the ideology of how the computer interacts with each other in the internet and connectivity world and what are the risks of the information stored in a computer becoming accessible to others around the world especially hackers.

Do you to the compromising security features of the laptops, especially due to the use of wireless devices, and it is easier for hackers to access through the web and steal your information. Sunbelt recognizes all these threats to security and protects the user from all angles.

It uses simple software installation instruction and with an installer installed as .exe extension in your download files or wherever you set your downloads to install, and then it prompts you for custom or standard installation. Your free trial starts automatically; however, you might have a registered key and enter it to access all the functionality of the software. It is easy to use, and it is user friendly. You have the option of the app to either run in the background, or you can set it to run on command or when the user prompts it to. It is highly recommended that it is automatically started.

Sometimes you may be asked to stop your Windows Firewall, which will always give you security compromise messages when the tool is working. Don`t be afraid as this means the functionalities of the software are in check and a high probability that you are protected. It gets installed on all the versions of the windows except for the Vista, where it is tricky for it to run and function properly, and some users have complained about the problems they get when trying to get it started on Windows Vista. However, all in all, it is very good when it comes to protecting your information.

The main product benefit to you is that the custom build software in you pre-installation of Windows is useless when it comes to hackers attacks and this is where this tool comes in handy.

  • Realtime protection from hackers especially when the information can be compromised easily through wireless means
  • User friendly and interactive
  • Runs silently in the background with not too much annoying error messages
  • It runs with all features and categories of the Windows
  • It has a fairly easy installation procedure.
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