by TechSono Engineering

Download NZB files from servers, networks, etc.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: TechSono Engineering

Release: SuperNZB 1.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SuperNZB is a free, easy downloader for windows. 


  • Easy interface, quick set up, fast downloads
  • Intuitive and easy to use. Excellent performance.
  • Files preserve the folder construction in the PAR and RAR archives. It also allows you to fix PAR and RAR files, and verify SFV files.
  • Time-efficient and requires minimum effort from users.

Suitable for a beginner, superNZB is a window's downloader software which allows users to access and download NZB files from NZB-indexes as well as Usenet servers. 

Allows for free access to NZB files

Using NZB standard text files, as well as PAR/RAR files, which require reconstruction, users can extract data. 

Available for Windows 10, but also compatible with any 64-bit version of windows. SuperNZB comes in a free 32-bit version, as well as in a 64-bit version known as SuperNZB-64 (The current version is: v1.0.1)

Downloads, while using the product, require the News Server URL's source, the username and password, and the port number. Then the files are automatically added to the queue, and in the downloader window, you can check the status of each server which the app is connected to.

This terrific Windows downloader, known as SuperNZB, has tons of valuable features and only a very slight learning curve to become familiar with all of them. SuperNZB is first and foremost for Windows 10, but it works with any 64-bit Windows version. It allows file downloads from NZB-indexes, Usenet servers, and other relevant locations, preserving folder construction every step of the way and helping to repair damaged and/or corrupted files, too. All in all, SuperNZB is a very handy addition to any 64-bit Windows system!
Dave James
SuperNZB is free software that functions as a downloader for Windows. It is set up to be intuitive and easy to use, making it a good choice regardless of the user's level of experience using such software. SuperNZB is listed as having specific capabilities with PAR, RAR, and SFV files making it a good choice for users who find themselves using such formats on a frequent basis. While SuperNZB is specifically set up for Windows 10, it is also backwards compatible with early iterations of Microsoft Windows.
is a good downloader, make the downloads more stable and more faster, have so many options for have a stable internet and so much tools, is a good way or the best downloader of the web. and its available or compatible with windows 10 is very great i thought
This software product seems to work efficiently. A lot of products of this nature are difficult to understand unless you've studied computers for years, but this software seems to be easy to navigate and use. Its quick to set up and downloads files quite quickly.
If you are finding yourself downloading a lot of files, managing them can be a hassle but SuperNZB for Windows can help manage all your files with ease. I found the workflow to be intuitive and adding SuperNZB for Windows to my pipeline has made it ten times easier to manage the string of downloads. It even has a RAR decoder as well as an SFV file checker and if that sounds confusing don't worry, there is a built-in help guide.
SuperNZB is a downloader for NZB files, allowing you to download files from newsgroups faster than many file-sharing software or programs. Reviews show the interface and software speed is fast. However, after research and use, the program is not worth it, and a waste of money. Reviewers say any freeware that compares to the capabilities of this is more worth it!
Muhammad Almonte
It appears to be software made for downloading Newsgroups. I guess this would be good for reporters, news anchors, and others that deal with that type of work.
This is a NZB file down loader for Windows. It helps open things such as RAR files and also there are other things it does as well. It opens up a lot of NZB files and can even be ran on Mac platforms and older windows platforms. There are things like the Windows 64 bit and the 32 bit that users have the option to download as well. I think that this is a great platform to use if you have to have a lot of files to download and you think that you need to open up more files in an efficient manner
SuperNZB is a great tool that was designed to make downloading large files to your computer easy. In addition, thanks to its simple design and intuitive, it allows you to extract files, verify them and repair them once downloaded, ensuring that each file is downloaded without interruption. This software has been developed by TechSono Engineering, Inc... which has resulted in great software that is totally free.
The software is offered free of charge and you can have it up and running in just a few seconds. It is compatible with all modern Windows
NZB downloader helps to open nzb files. The files are downloaded from usenet server. The nzb downloader uses par and rar files to extract the files. The greatest advantage of the nzb downloader is it supports mac os. it has been tested in windows and mac os. It is very comfortable for the easy of use.
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SuperNZB for Windows has an easy set up with fast downloads, excellent performance, and does not require much work from its users. It's a trusted reliable source of software to help you keep your files organized. This software would work amazing for downloading large files. It has a great rating and no negative reviews that I have seen.
SuperNZB for Windows gives you access for free to your NZB files. The software product allows you to edit and correct PAR and RAR files this is very easy to use and beginners can work through the software without trouble. The software is downloadable and offers time efficiency for its users!
I have being using this software for long time, I never had any issue, working very smoothly even on low specs computer, it worked on my 10 years old computer just fine. I recommend this software to anyone without any hesitation. cheers!!!
I love using SuperNZB for Windows because it's a program that makes it really simple to download large files that come with the NZB extension. It works quickly and efficiently and totally minimizes the wait time you'd normally have to deal with in order to download files of this particular size. Moreover, it takes just minutes to install SuperNZB and is simple to do so.
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