Sweet Selfie HD Camera

by Fruit Candy

App allows you to take pictures of yourself and apply filters and stickers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Fruit Candy

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Sweet Selfie HD Camera is awesome! It's not for professional photography, nor does it claim to be, but it allows you to customize photos you take and is a blast to use. Obviously, it's a camera. The main type of picture you're supposed to take with this app is one of yourself, a selfie. The app lets you easily apply all different types of filters to your photos. Two of my favorite filters are the makeup filter and the hairstyle filter. It's fun to see how you'd look in all different styles! 

The app also features stickers you can add to your photos - you can stick glasses over your eyes if you want to look silly, stick hearts in the background to express love, etc. 

The app seems to talk the most about its filters and stickers, but it also has a full range of standard editing tools, so you can do things such as sharpen, blur, crop, and change brightness. There's a feature that allows you to stitch different photographs together to create a collage. I love doing this for my friends' birthdays or other special events. 

The app claims its camera is in HD. The photos come out fine, but as I said, they don't look professional. They're more on par with photos you'd take on Snapchat - which is fine for just having fun and playing around making cute and/or funny pictures. I just wouldn't download the app expecting picture quality to be crystal clear. You can definitely notice pixellation especially when you edit photos more heavily. 

Overall, I highly recommend this app for people who like having fun playing around with their photos. 

Fun to take pictures and edit them to your liking

  • Many different filters to apply to your photos 
  • Standard photo-editing tools 
  • Selfie timer 
  • Ability to directly export photos to Facebook and other social media sites 
  • Stickers you can add to your photos 
I downloaded Sweet Selfie HD Camera for Windows so that I can create beautiful selfies for my social media. I have so many followers and my selfies need to be creative and professional. I can personalize my selfies using trendy filters and stickers. Just endless fun. It comes with live picture frames and effects too. My selfies are going to look amazing.
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