SwordSearcher Bible Software

by StudyLamp Software LLC

A study application, featuring numerous resources and unique features; more than a Bible concordance

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: StudyLamp Software LLC

Release: SwordSearcher Bible Software 8.3.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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SwordSearcher Bible is useful software that helps students and researchers in their study life and researches, it makes it easy to get information about something.

SwordSearcher Bible allows you to get books and other writing works.


It is a software that makes knowledge close from you.
  • The main window lays out four (surfaces) for Bible study.
  • The search bar is your primary go-to place to open the chapter.
  • The Bible panel displays Bible text in an easy to read columnar format.
  • Hyber linked verse references in SwordSearcher ''Pop up'' the verse text when you hold the mouse pointer.
  • The Bible word cloud generator builds fascinating lists of words from a passage, search results.
  • Includes a highly flexible and intelligent Bible Reading Schedule system.
  • The Topic and verse guide is essentially a mega-index of the library resources available.
  • Make your own books and commentaries to record your personal studies.

SwordSearcher is one of the best software for academic students who wanted a research paper or read about his interests, it is so useful and easy to use it. You can search by the name of the author or the name of the book.

This software version came with completely new features that allow the user deal with it in a soft and easy way, and make him get what he/she searching about easily by using these new tools and features.

This seems like something that would be nice not only for someone in seminary school but also just for your average tech savvy bible study group. You could look up different verses that were on the tip of your tongue and reference study materials. My only concern is usability for older folks, it would be nice if it had a built in magnifier and easy to read interface with big bold lettering.
Its perfect for kids to really learns scriptures. They can do keyword searches to try to find all the mentions of specific people or things! I had a few quotes that for the life of me I couldn't remember where I saw them, but SwordSearcher made it a breeze. But my favorite part is the word cloud generator, it really helps you get a feel for themes of entire chapters.
Sword Searcher bible software for Windows is an excellent tool for those who enjoy studying and understanding different verses. The software makes verses super easy to find as it gives the ability to search by words or phrases. The software includes a huge library that guarantees to retrieve the verse you’re looking for and more!
Andrew Abarca
This makes my life so much easier!!!! I can find the verse i need way faster than the traditional page turning. The instructions are clear and sight runs nice and smooth. I definitely recommend.
SwordSearcher Bible combines the flexibility and efficiency of new technology with the traditional aspects of the Bible without violating its integrity. Being such a large text, the Bible can be very hard to traverse without many years of experience reading it. As such, SwordSearcher helps you search through the Bible at unparalleled speeds, allowing users to search for specific verses and phrases as they deem fit. Further, it allows you to find similar verses to things you remember or find verses that you don't remember fully.