Tasty Blue

by Dingo Games

Control a relentless goldfish, dolphin, or shark and consume everything in sight in this fun-filled game.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Dingo Games

Release : Tasty Blue 1.0.0

Antivirus check: passed

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'Tasty Blue' is an engrossing game that lets players step into the shoes of a ravenous tiny goldfish. Overfed by its owner, the goldfish escapes into the ocean and starts to eat everything it comes across. As the fish grows with every bite, it enters an endless frenzy of tasty morsels, gorging on shrimp, turtles, sharks, submarines, houses, airplanes, and so much more!

Beyond the goldfish, the game also offers the chance to play as a dolphin and a shark. The dolphin, an overworked star of an aquarium, is forced to jump through burning hoops for food. It escapes its captivity by eating everything in its path and getting revenge on its trainer. The last playable character is the shark, an artificial fish created by scientists to save Earth's oceans. It uses self-replicating nano-technology to consume everything in its path and convert their matter into its own. There's no limit to the size this shark could eventually reach.

  • Over 50 levels available in the game's main story mode
  • 15 additional, more challenging bonus levels to play once the main game is completed
  • Levels are spread across three diverse environments within the game: temperate, tropical and Arctic
  • Co-op mode allowing two players to play on the same computer
  • Options for a split-screen (horizontal or vertical) or a shared screen (which offers more screen space but confines the players' movements together)

If you're ready to take the challenge and devour everything in the ocean, 'Tasty Blue' is the game for you. Each character offers a unique gaming experience, with varied levels and environments that will keep you hooked for hours. So wait no more and dive into the captivating world of 'Tasty Blue'!

'Tasty Blue' offers an engaging gaming experience with unique characters and varied levels for endless entertainment.
Windows 7/8/10 operating system
1 GB RAM minimum
DirectX 9.0c or later version
300 MB free hard drive space

Engrossing gameplay keeps players hooked for hours.
Offers diverse characters and environments.
Co-op mode enables shared gaming experience.

Lacks variety in gameplay mechanics.
No multi-player option, only co-op.
Graphics may seem outdated for some.
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