by Tresorit

A user-friendly, secure file sharing system for your business

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Tresorit

Release: Tresorit 3.5.1494.793

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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If you've ever wanted a more secure way to store files in a cloud, Tresorit is your answer. Your files will be encrypted end-to-end and will be easily accessible anytime. In the digital age, just about every major business in the world is responsible for handling confidential data files. As the many forms of internet piracy advance and multiply, so do the needs and demands of potential clients and coworkers of major businesses around the globe, when it comes to file sharing security. Tresorit is here to answer that call, and while it has many distinctive features that separate it from other file-sharing software, Tresorit's main stand-out function is its end-to-end encryption feature.

You've often heard stories about files being lost, corrupted, or stolen during data transfers. With top-of-the-line encryption at both ends of the digital transfer with Tresorit, you'll never have to worry about that issue. The encryption features and security measures work in tandem, both inside your hard-drive, as well as in the cloud. Tresorit functions using a preprogrammed form of "plausible deniability" called "zero-knowledge technology." This built-in feature prevents Tresorit from accidentally sharing your sensitive files or any intellectual property with an unauthorized user.

Another big plus to using Tresorit is its ability to automatically update your files' online backup system as you work. You'll always be able to access the latest versions of any files, along with your partners. It's also easy to replace unsecured email attachments with Tresorit's "File Requests" and "Share Links" to ensure secure data transfers between devices and clouds. You can also set up download links for huge file transfers or large folders containing multiple files. You'll be able to set up download limits, expiration dates, and password protection.

The software guarantees file sharing security in a business or personal setting.

Another great feature of Tresorit is its ability to copy and transfer your exact data storage configuration. When moving files around, you'll be able to keep your initial folder setup on new devices. Tresorit is genuinely a great product for anyone looking to get a stronger foothold on their data, especially in the business world. 

Tresorit is an awesome and reliable product software that Windows has developed. I like to use Tresorit because it is with a trusted brand, Windows, and I can work on files on my computer without having to download or sync anything. Tresorit makes my job much easier by allowing me to access files easily because it only uses the cloud. It saves me time and makes accessing files much more fast and efficient.
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