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TubeDigger lets users download videos from video sharing sites, including live feeds.


  • Offers many file types for downloads, letting you play on the most any device.
  • Automatically converts downloaded videos for better compression and quality.
  • Built-in media player. It does not need a download of a different media player and can play video files in the program.
  • Remove or isolate audio from videos when you need only audio or video.
  • Play videos and audio on many devices, including handheld devices like PSP, Android, iPhone, etc.

TubeDigger offers a simple, easy social media and YouTube video downloader that converts automatically and offers many options for saving files. TubeDigger also provides instruction, which will be helpful for those who aren't computer savvy and need some help putting a video together. The company states you can download any video, and this is true - the sky is the limit! The built-in media player is very helpful for those without a good media player presently on their PC, or who can't play videos in their browser. You can also play videos on many devices, including an iPhone, Android, iPod, PSP, and way more! Finally, TubeDigger records live videos! You don't need to return to the author's website to see a video and can grab the download later!

Offers many file formats for downloads

TubeDigger is also capable of detecting bitrate, so you can download the right quality, and do so quickly depending on the speed of your Internet connection, leading to less waiting and potentially better video quality. Is the video in 4K or HD, and you don't need it that high of quality? Change the TubeDigger settings, and you can download the video in a more appropriate setting.

Can't hear right away? TubeDigger also downloads closed captions and subtitles in a readable format so you can see the text you might need right away.

TubeDigger 4.8.4 (9.88 MB)
TubeDigger 4.8.5 (9.88 MB)
TubeDigger 4.9.2 (19.85 MB)
TubeDigger 4.9.3 (19.88 MB)
TubeDigger 4.9.4 (19.88 MB)
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TubeDigger 4.9.6 (19.88 MB)
TubeDigger 4.9.8 (19.88 MB)
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TubeDigger 5.1.1 (22.53 MB)
TubeDigger 5.1.2 (22.53 MB)
TubeDigger 5.1.3 (22.54 MB)
TubeDigger 5.2.1 (22.81 MB)
TubeDigger 5.2.2 (22.82 MB)
TubeDigger 5.3.1 (23.03 MB)
TubeDigger 5.3.3 (23.03 MB)
TubeDigger 5.4.3 (23.11 MB)
TubeDigger 5.4.4 (23.4 MB)
TubeDigger 5.4.5 (23.42 MB)
Tube Digger is a powerful online video downloader that is used to download any streaming videos quickly from any website, even which fail to download using other downloaders sometimes. It is mainly used for Youtube and CBC websites. It can also be used for Audio and Video extraction.
Tube Digger is a powerful online video downloader that is used to download any streaming videos quickly from any website, even which fail to download using other downloaders sometimes. It is mainly used for Youtube and CBC websites. It can also be used for Audio and Video extraction.
TubeDigger is a amazing software. It allows you to download videos or an audio from almost anywhere in a high quality bitrate. It saves people a lot of time because it stops them from having to download one app to find the video then having to download another app just to browse and download it from there. its powerful as some people say and its easy to believe too.
James Mackie
a windows software browser to download any media to windows computer.
TubeDigger allows you to download videos from a wide array of websites from YouTube to MusicMe whilst also being able to record live streamed videos from websites such as Another feature I personally like is that you can have subtitles downloaded too, meaning that I can understand videos from creators in different languages. Also, you can even download from a variety of formats like MP4 and WAV, instead of being limited to one format which other pieces of software limit you, not to mention all of this is free.
This is a revolutionary software that would make peoples lives easy. This is the best software on the internet. This software would make $$$ people like myself would pay for this service.
TubeDigger is an awesome service that I recently started using. It helped me download numerous videos from websites that have slow servers and are infested with ads. Furthermore, my internet speed is not the best but TubeDigger really uses it to the fullest potential to help me download the videos I want with the highest quality. Definitely missing out if you do not have it.
I was drawn to this program because it has some neat features. It does really well and is now one of my go-to tools. The auto-refresh feature is helpful. Updates are free, the program itself is only a few bucks. If you download this you'll love it. I will recommend it to all my friends.
bought TubeDigger 9 years ago and I am more than satisfied. Recently I could not record from a TV channel and contacted support, after a few hours I received an update and everything works wonderfully again.
This product is a very good alternative to some other video downloaders available online. I personally prefer it because it doesn't have any Spyware/ads/unwanted content that others do.
If you love watching videos on popular streaming sites but want to download them to watch on your own time later, then check out TubeDigger for Windows. This program helps you save media files with ease and best of all, it doesn't take forever to accomplish the job since all of the downloads are surprisingly quick and efficient. Moreover, TubeDigger won't compromise on quality during the downloading process.
Robert Arago
TubeDigger is a powerful video downloader and converter that allows users to download videos from many popular websites and convert them to various video and audio formats. It supports downloading videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, and many more. It also allows users to extract audio from video files, rip DVDs, and download subtitles.
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