USB Safely Remove

by Crystal Rich Ltd

A plug-in that safely removes an external data source whether it can be stopped or not

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Crystal Rich Ltd

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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USB Safely Remove saves time and simplifies the work of the user who actively uses various USB devices - flash drives, external hard drives, card readers, etc. One of the main functions of USB Safely Remove is to safely remove the device in just one click or by pressing a hotkey. A list of connected devices can be displayed, and if it is not possible to disconnect, all processes that use the device and prevent it from being shut down will be displayed. With the ability to unlock any of the processes.

In addition, you can rename any of the connected devices in a convenient menu and change its picture to improve perception, or hide devices that you do not want to stop from the menu. Also, USB Safely Remove can remove disks of empty card reader slots, can return disabled devices and contains a lot of other features for comfortable and fruitful work with USB-, SATA- and FireWire-devices.

- safe one-click extraction;

- Display processes that prevent the USB device from stopping;

- full command line support;

- 3 methods of stopping devices;

- automatic assignment of hotkeys;

- Prohibit any device of your choice from stopping;

- customizable device names and descriptions;

- Notification that devices are being connected/disconnected using the tooltip;

- Play audio or start external programs when connecting/disconnecting devices;

- Restriction of access to the program functions by means of a password;

- Upload custom images for devices;

- the ability to work with SATA disks;

- the ability to connect drives as folders;

- View device drives in an alternative file manager (e.g. Total Commander);

- the ability to prohibit Windows from assigning certain letters to hot-plug devices and others.

USB safely remove tool reduces the risks from losing data from our external hardware such as USB and hard drive while removing them from our PC or laptop. As it is so user friendly, new users can access it even without any experience. Sometimes, Windows built-in software for USB ejection may not work properly. In such cases, this software can help us save and extend our external hard drive’s life.
Josh Marczak
Safely Remove is a USB device manager that helps you to safely disconnect your USB devices from your computer. It allows you to quickly and easily stop USB devices such as external hard drives, USB flash drives, and other removable storage devices. It also allows you to create hotkeys for quickly accessing and disconnecting USB devices, as well as for running applications with the device attached.
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