ASUS GPU Tweak logo
See and control every aspect of your GPU
Zinio Reader logo
Delivers magazine content over the internet right to your personal device.
SteelSeries Engine logo
Control all of your hardware devices during gameplay
rekordbox (32-bit) logo
A music management application for Pioneer DJ products
MiKTeX logo
A completely up-to-date iteration of TeX/LaTeX
Steam_api.dll logo
Part of the Steam Client API program developed by Valve Corporation
Intel Processor Identification Utility logo
Free processor to identify specification of processor
Chuzzle Deluxe logo
Chuzzle Deluxe is a an engaging tile-matching puzzle video game
LG PC Suite logo
LG PC Suite is the official application to manage and synchronize the contents of your LG phone with the computer
Sony Ericsson PC Suite logo
The PC Suite for Sony Ericsson connects your phone to your computer
SIW Portable logo
A system information tool that tracks information about settings and properties on your PC
PonyProg logo
Supports programming needed for windows processor
SysPrep Driver Scanner logo
Well to work with any Microsoft system, our system helps determine drivers being used
Curse Client logo
Safe and secure application that allows you to communicate with friends during gameplay
Droid Explorer logo
Tool for managing one's android device
Nexus Mod Manager logo
Open-source mod manager with multigaming support
HWiNFO32 / HWiNFO64 logo
Free diagnostic software for DOS that is useful for legacy systems without operating systems
Logitech Gaming Software logo
Logitech G HUB is new software to help you get the most out of your gear
Ashampoo Core Tuner logo
Software compatale with windows 7 and 8 to optimize the usages of your computer
iPhone Cleaner logo
An excellent iOS cleaner tool that clean up junk files on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, windows
ArtMoney SE logo
Cleverly allows users to cheat on their favorite games
Zorin OS logo
Zorin OS is a personal computer operating system
uPlay logo
Easily download and install all Ubisoft games
ThrottleStop logo
Designed to monitor three types of CPU Throttling
Remix OS logo
Remix OS allows Windows users to run Android mobile apps on any compatible Inlet-based PC
PCMScan logo
Fully featured automotive OBD-II diagnostic and datalogging software application
Ext2Fsd logo
A file system driver that allows the user to easily operate extension files
Snappy Driver Installer logo
Helps identify lots driver disks for windows
Apowersoft Phone Manager logo
A mobile phone app that backs up your phone data for storage on your pc
LastActivityView logo
A Windows tool to collect and log events and user actions on your system.
Driver Cleaner Pro logo
A program which helps you to remove parts of old drivers left after uninstallation
Gramps logo
A free software project and community for windows
ASUS PC Probe logo
The ASUS PC Probe is a simple utility that monitors vital information in the computer as well as provides system information
NirLauncher logo
More than 200 utilities for windows provided
Pushbullet logo
Software for Android which allows one to send messages via their Windows computer
Dr Hardware logo
System diagnosis, analysis and bench-marking software
Fedora Workstation logo
Fedora Workstation is a reliable, user-friendly, and powerful operating system for your laptop or desktop computer
Music Collection logo
Outlet for music collections for Windows servers
Total game Control logo
A tool that maps keyboard, mouse, or the controls on your game pad or joystick
Sound Pilot logo
Simulates the sound of a real typewriter
Msvcp100.dll logo
Microsoft Visual C++ library often required for programs developed with Visual C++
Virtual Piano logo
Allows for a fun virtual piano experienceon windows
Device Monitoring Studio logo
Capture, log, and analyze PC ports
Orbitron logo
Orbitron is a satellite tracking system for radio amateur and observing purposes
Revo Uninstaller Pro logo
A complete and powerful uninstall software for Windows used to remove unwanted programs and software easily
Kill Process logo
We can kill a process from windows command line using taskkill command
D3dx9_42.dll logo
D3dx9_42.dll is an error where you need to reinstall
Games For Windows Live logo
Allows you to play games on Windows Live
Garmin BaseCamp logo
This software helps plan your next adventure with routes, waypoints and maps
Linux Mint logo
Easy to use desktop distribution that works effectively
UltraISO Premium Edition logo
Software that allows you to create virtual drives on your computer
iTools logo
An application that allows users to manage their iOS devices
Windows Server 2012 logo
The most recent version of the operating system from Microsoft regarding server management
Icaros Shell Extensions logo
LumaPix FotoFusion is a Windows tool to create collages and photographic compositions
BatteryMon logo
A free to download UPS for a laptop battery
Avast Clear (Avast Uninstall Utility) logo
Allows for utilities to be uninstalled for Windows
Wise Program Uninstaller logo
Helps to uninstall programs successfully for Windows
Daminion logo
A multi-user digital, photo and document management software
CPU-Control logo
Software solution for building speed on windows
91 PC Suite for Android logo
File manager for Windows Mobile Phones
FreeBSD logo
BSD installed for windows processors
Power Switch logo
This contains a power switch for windows processor
RoboCopy GUI logo
A graphical user interface for the Windows Command Line utility Robocopy
MyPhoneExplorer logo
A client used to backup your phone or explore it's contents
Samsung Smart Switch logo
This app helps to allow for software switch and synching
VMware Workstation logo
Operating systems as virtual machines there
Wubi logo
Allows user to install and uninstall Ubuntu from within Microsoft Windows
Uninstall Tool logo
A powerful and fast uninstaller that removes unwanted software and makes your computer clean and fast
CentOS logo
Server that helps windows servers run smoothly
MEmu logo
The most powerful Android emulator that Windows has ever seen
AMD Clean Uninstall Utility logo
A program for thoroughly removing any previously installed AMD driver files
Total Uninstall logo
A file system that uninstalls other programs without uninstallers, for Windows 7 and up
iPhone Backup Extractor logo
Software designed to backup photos, SMS messages, contacts and more from iPhones onto Windows/Mac
Parser logo
A software component that takes input data and builds a data structure
Sony Ericsson Themes Creator logo
A software that allows one to use their own images, animations, color schemes and sounds
Xlive.dll logo
Xlive.dll is a part of "Games for Windows Live", from Microsoft
EasyUEFI logo
Free software allowing for the management on windows
MS DOS logo
Microsoft Disk Operating System) is an operating system for x86-based personal computers,
Ashampoo UnInstaller Suite logo
Eliminate unwanted programs, toolbars and plugins down to the last byte
Windows Installer logo
Program that installs original windows on a computer
Speccy logo
Utility service that is free and runs for windows logo
This contains curated news for windows servers
iBackupBot logo
Allows for information to be backed up on windows
File Viewer logo
Allows for easy file viewing on windows service
SoftBase logo
Helps programmers code and test various tools to the capacity of a normal developer team
CPUCool logo
This displays the temperatures, fan speed, voltages, system values and RAM's contents
Microsoft NET Framework logo
A Windows-only version of .NET for building apps that run on Windows
Anki logo
Free educational software for creating flash cards
SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2020 logo
Effective system benchmark and analyser used
EaseUS MobiSaver logo
A data recovery service for iPhones, Macs, and Windows
jmouse logo
Wireless mouse for windows servers available
Window.dll logo
Helps to find files that have been lost or missing
PC Decrapifier logo
Freeware designed to remove unwanted programs from PCs
AutoRuns logo
Software which controls what startup programs run immediately after bootup
Kernel32.dll logo
A 32-bit dynamic library file used to handle memory management, input/output operations, etc
FileMenu Tools logo
File tools for windows servers provided
UniTest System logo
Allows for computer testing on windows
Origin logo
Used for gaming as an online source for pc gameplay
x360ce logo
Allows you to play games with game pads from a variety of manufacturers
Windows ISO Downloader logo
Windows downloader for windows servers
SetFSB logo
SetFSB is an overclocking CPU program.. it is wonderful!
NAS4Free logo
Open sourced program for network collection data
SARDU logo
Create an emergency rescue CD or USB to repair your computer in case of failure
Synergy logo
Software to share one mouse and one keyboard between multiple computers
IObit Uninstaller Pro logo
Allows one to uninstall applications for windows
USB Safely Remove logo
A plug-in that safely removes an external data source whether it can be stopped or not
ReactOS logo
A free and open-source operating system designed as a Windows alternative
iPhone Unlock Toolkit logo
A tool that enables Windows users to remove carrier restrictions on an iPhone
FORScan logo
Allows for easy scanning for windows
Msvcp110.dll logo
I see a lot of error codes with this software
CD Art Display logo
Display art through CD for windows processor
Debian logo
The universal operating system and a distribution of Free Software
Android Manager logo
Manager for android phones workable on Windows
DeSmuME logo
This software allows you to play NintendoDS system games on a computer
SP Flash Tool logo
A tool that allows you to install Flash
Satellite Antenna Alignment logo
A program that calculates the angles for satellite antenna installation including obstacle challenges
Tencent Gaming Buddy logo
An emulator for your computer that allows you to play mobile games
VIN Decoder logo
This program will give you your vehicle datasets in a comprehensive, detailed way
Windows 7 RTM USB/DVD Download Tool logo
A tool to transfer cd files to usb and usb files to cds
WinToFlash logo
Allows for creation of a bootable windows setup
GetWindowText logo
A utility that allows you to read window text
TestMaker logo
Software based web assessment for windows
FlightGear logo
Software designed to provide flight simulations using 3D modeling CAD software
DirectX 11 logo
Software that communicates with multimedia hardwares to operate sound and video
PC Wizard logo
Software to significantly speed up and optimize your computer
Punto Switcher logo
Safe and secure processor for windows
8GadgetPack logo
Side panel customization software that let's you add unique widgets
A small tool allowing the user to change the FontSideBus
MMTool logo
A piece of software designed to transfer and store data
Windows XP logo
Makes it easy and simple to install and run new programs
Unassoc logo
A simple and easy tool for Windows 7 and Windows Vista to erase registry items
Update Service logo
Allows for checking for updates on Windows
Chrome OS logo
Chrome OS is a Linux kernel-based operating system designed by Google
LeapDroid logo
A popular Android emulator that lets you use Android apps on Windows
Easy Uninstaller logo
A free program that replaces slow and user unfriendly Windows Add/Remove control panel applets
Cutting logo
Allow for cutting files on windows processor
HTC Bootloader Unlock logo
Allows for debugging and removing malware
Hmonitor logo
Display that allows you to add or remove programs
Theme Creator Pro for Sony Ericsson logo
Edit and create videos on windows servers
AutoMate logo
Automation software to automate repetitive tasks for Windows
Desktop Sidebar logo
Discontinued widget engine that displays a sidebar on the desktop
Garena Plus logo
An online gaming software that is equipped with games, chat rooms, and voice communication
AI Suite 3 logo
Love it, easy to install and configure and keeps you update with your computer updates
YouWave logo
Runs android apps on your windows PC effectively
Remove Empty Directories logo
Take away directories containing no information
Windows Device Recovery Tool logo
A device that lows you to retrieve your Windows OS if damaged
Intel HAXM logo
A hardware assisted virtualization engine that utilizes Intel Virtualization technology
Secunia PSI logo
Free security tool provided for Windows
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor logo
Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor scans your PC's system, programs and devices to check if it is able to run Windows 7
HyperSpin logo
A program to download on windows laptop for games and media
SIV (System Information Viewer) logo
An app that shows multiple Windows, network, and hardware performance information
Network Monitor II logo
Indispensable gadget for users who need to find out their current IP address
Abacus logo
A tool used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
MX Linux logo
A program for coding and creating programs and downloading outside apps
Smart Phone Flash Tool logo
Application which helps installing Stock ROM on mobile device
Msvcr100.dll logo
Its fils are need by programms or web extentions
LG Mobile Support Tool logo
LG support tool for handling issues necessary
BlueStacks Tweaker logo
The fastest mobile gaming platform on Earth, available for Windows
Dota 2 Changer logo
Online multiplayer combat arena game
Key Remapper logo
Remapping keys is great for getting your keys working the way you want them
LibreCAD logo
A powerful easy to learn 2D design tool that you can use to create anything
Open Hardware Monitor logo
Hardware monitoring program that reads PC system
Excalibur logo
Customizing calculator for windows processeor
u-center logo
A simple to use application that allows you to seamlessly configure your DOWNLOAD u-center 20.01 for Windows
Family Tree Builder logo
Free geneology software available for windows
i-FunBox logo
Free general management software available for Windows and Mac
Windows 7 Service Pack 1 / Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack logo
The service pack helps keep your PCs and servers on the latest support level
Advanced Uninstaller PRO logo
A software that allows you to completely uninstall any software from your Windows PC
Kali Linux logo
A program allowing one to install and run open-source penetration testing
The Hat logo
An application for drawing items randomly from a list
Odin3 logo
Install the latest USB devices on your program
RMClock utility logo
GUI application designed for windows use
ESET Uninstaller logo
A tool that enables ESET and antivirus products to be manually removed from your computer
Everest Home Edition logo
A portable free system information tool for viewing all major hardware components of a computer
Free PC Audit logo
Provides an audit for windows servers
WinAudit logo
Application that reports on hardware, software and configuration of a Windows computer
SystemRescueCD logo
Allows for recouping files on CD for Windows
ClickBook logo
A software used to easily print books for an affordable price
WSUS Offline Update logo
System to make sure Microsoft office is updated
AnVir Task Manager logo
AnVir Task Manager provides convenience by offering all of its features in a single interface
Sonic Heroes logo
Action video game that can be used across multiple platforms
BlackBerry Link logo
BlackBerry Link is BlackBerry's official program for connecting your BlackBerry 10 device to your PC
COM Port Toolkit logo
Integral serial communications for Windows
iExplorer logo
Allows for the transfer of music and play lists
Sony Xperia Companion logo
An application allowing users to easily update and repair software
Rainmeter logo
A desktop customization tool that uses little resources
WinAuth logo
Portable, open-source Authenticator for Windows that provides counter or time-based authenticators and common implementations
Tumblebugs logo
Tetris like puzzle game available for windows services
AIDA32 logo
A product that can analyze a PC and help diagnose what is wrong with it
Process Explorer logo
Internet program to explore online
FolderSizes logo
A network-enabled disk space analyzer for Windows
Advanced System Optimizer logo
Advanced System Optimizer is the most powerful cleanup and optimization software for Windows
Battery EEPROM Works logo
Ths is designed to simplify the process of laptop battery repair
Unlocker Portable logo
Freeware for PC or laptop accessible to all
Wondershare Dr.Fone (iOS) logo
Wondershare Dr. Fone is data recovery software
SSD-Z logo
Used as a decipher program for platter based drives
Office Library logo
Seamlessly store files in a single database for easy grab and go
VirtualBox logo
Free and open source processor for windows
SharePod logo
Allows for sharing and downloads between Windows
FreeDOS logo
Operating system that allows you to play games
BabyPlan logo
A specialized template that allows users to track their best days for conceiving a child
Core Temp logo
Program to monitor processor temperature for windows
Windows 10 logo
Microsoft's newest operating system as part of its Windows NT family
Xinput1_3.dll logo
Application program interface for creating and managing graphic images and multimedia
Nokia Software Updater logo
Allows for software updates on WIndows
Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder logo
Software that finds product keys for windows from your registry
GUIMiner logo
Windows accessible and used for monitoring management
MSI LiveUpdate logo
The user interface of MSI Live Update is both attractive and easy-to-use thanks to the fact it organizes its functions in to different, self-explanatory tabs
FLauncher logo
This allows for files to be started on Windows
BlackBerry Desktop Software logo
Install desk top manager for windows
WindowFX logo
WindowFX is a one-of-a-kind program that lets you super charge your Windows experience
Aspia logo
Free open source for file transfer on Windows
AutoIt logo
A freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for automating the Windows GUI and general scripting
MP3 Cat logo
A handy database for MP3 music and files
VMware Player logo
Micromedia player suitable for windows
SpaceSniffer logo
A computer disk space analyser that uses a treemap to visualise disk usage
D3dx9_43.dll logo
Employed by most windows based games and software
Microsoft Virtual PC logo
A wonderful product that allows one to do their computing in a virtual setting!
Super Fdisk logo
A tool that allows users to create, delete, and format partitions without destroying data
Nexus Root Toolkit logo
Allows for unlocking android decives
All Media Fixer logo
Handy tool for repairing media files on Windows
Windows Mobile Device Center logo
A synchronization software program developed by Microsoft
ClockGen logo
A utility that uses the PLL of your system to increase or decrease the overall clock including CPU, FSB, RAM, PCIE and PCI
Product Key Explorer logo
A functional software that helps find all the keys of installed software on your PC
CPU Stress Test logo
Software to ensure the reliability and stability of your system
jNES logo
Jnes is an emulator for Nintendo to enjoy NES games on a PC
Intel Chipset Device Software logo
Helps to install INF files for the software on Windows computers
Snes9x logo
A portable, freeware Super Nintendo game system emulator for PCs
HWMonitor Portable logo
Free windows portable monitor for windows
Samsung PC Studio logo
Online studio processor for windows
Unknown Device Identifier logo
Allows for identification and scanning of PC
Revo Uninstaller logo
Helps uninstall software and remove unwanted files
FvCheat logo
Software program for Windows identification
SpeedSim logo
This software is fora combat simulator
iFaith logo
IFaith is software which can update phone firmware
Dolphin logo
Gamecube and WII emulator for windows
Solus logo
Offers desk top environments for Windows
RegShot logo
An open source, effortless way to compare Windows registries
CPU Speed Professional logo
An application that measures the speed of your CPU
Unicat Editor logo
Designed to be intuitive, VideoPad is a fully featured video editor for creating professional quality videos in minutes
EVEREST Ultimate Edition logo
This helps you install, optimize, diagnose and troubleshoot your computer
QPST logo
Flash tool for stock firmware for windows
EOS Utility logo
A windows digital proffessional camra
Mobogenie logo
This is the personal manager for ones mobile phone
ScanMaster ELM logo
Used frequently as a scanner tool to evaluate codes from automobiles
Unlocker logo
A useful tool that helps you take control over files and folders
HouseCreator logo
A program that lets you design houses of beams and logs
AIDA64 Engineer logo
AIDA64 Engineer is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for engineers
COMSOL Multiphysics logo
Engineering simulation software that facilitates all steps in the modeling process
Device Doctor logo
A free software for automatically detecting hardware and downloading or updating drivers for Windows Operating Systems
Check Host logo
Find your windows computer host name and physical address
Android-x86 logo
Software helping people use the Android operating system via laptop or desktop
Wondershare MobileGo logo
A feature packed mobile management tool that lets you view , compose SMS messages, manage music, movies, or photos
Adobe AIR / Adobe AIR SDK logo
Adobe processor for windows needed
Manjaro Linux logo
Manjaro Linux is one of the fastest growing Linux distributions
TortoiseSVN logo
An Apache Subversion (SVN) client implemented as a Windows shell extension
Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller logo
Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller can remove all versions of Adobe Flash Player from all browsers
Partition Boot Manager logo
A software helping people repair or restore missing Windows files
SuperCat logo
An easy to use utility for cataloging, searching and managing removable disks
elementary OS logo
A replacement for Windows and MAC OS that offers privacy
GSview logo
A graphical interface for Ghostscript to allow printing or viewing of pages
Rld.dll logo
This program freely downloads miss dll files for Windows 7, 8, 10, Xp and Vista
360 Root logo
Allows for root rights to android device
S Note logo
An application which allows you to efficiently create, edit and manage notes
AutoHotkey logo
For scripting language for Windows
HWMonitor logo
A system that reads PC health sensors and handles sensor chips
ConEmu logo
A free and open-source tabbed terminal emulator for Windows
BlueSoleil logo
Bluetooth software available for windows providers
Google Desktop Search logo
A Google-supported program to allow users to easily search their desktops
One Click Root logo
Root your Android phone with a sinl
Andy logo
Andy is the best Android emulator available for PC and Mac
Process Hacker logo
Tool that allows one to monitor hackers
Double Driver logo
Allows one to view drivers on windows application
Keyboard Maniac logo
Software increasing productivity through multimedia keyboard macros and shortcuts
Ubuntu logo
Command line terminal for windows processors
Cameyo logo
An application virtualization product used for Windows applications
Msvcr120.dll logo
Deletes malicious software from windows
Windows 8.1 logo
Operating system produced by microsoft
ASUS TurboV EVO logo
Program designed to overclock systems necessary
iMazing logo
Mobile device management software that transfers files and data between iOS devices
Powerful android emulator for using various different apps
GameBoost logo
Allows you to easily optimize your games for maximum FPS
AVG Remover logo
A app to remove avirus removal system stuck on your laptop
HD-Speed logo
The perfect Hard Disk Speed Tester Software For Windows Users
Ashampoo WinOptimizer logo
This program will help you optimize your system so startup times are faster
AIDA64 Business logo
Software helping one collect very detailed hardware and software inventory from Windows computers
Scanitto Pro logo
Allows for virtual scanning on windows
DriverEasy logo
Updates the drivers for Windows servers
Windows XP Mode logo
A complete, licensed copy of Windows XP contained in a virtual hard disk
CPU-Z logo
A freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your Windows system
TortoiseHg logo
Applications for the revision of the control system
KinderGate logo
Provides learning games for windows processing
Cygwin logo
A platform that provides GNU and Open Source tools for Windows
Mobizen logo
Easily control your iPhone or Android device through your PC and vice versa
Nokia Suite logo
Free software that connects ones phone to their PC
NVDA logo
A free, open-source, portable screen reader for Microsoft Windows
Pangu logo
A firmware that is easily installed and meant for devices still on earlier iOS versions
VINformer.Browser logo
Decriptive VIn and other information for WIndows
Battery Eater Pro logo
Testing tool intended to reveal the potential of a notebook battery pack
Hard Disk Serial Number Changer logo
Allows for the serial number to change on device
RPG Maker XP logo
Allows one to create RPG for windows
iPhone PC Suite logo
A full management suite designed for use with iPhone with iOS
ePSXe logo
A PlayStation video game console emulator for x86-based PC hardware with Microsoft Windows or Linux
HTC Sync Manager logo
Free application that allows for easy synching
Nokia PC Suite logo
Free software to transfer content between a Nokia phone and Windows PC
Update for Windows 7 (KB947821) logo
Microsoft's latest Windows 7 Update containing new features and security patches
WinLIRC logo
An application that transmits and receives standard infrared remote control signals
Droid4X logo
Droid4X is a popular and free android emulator for windows PC
RightMark CPU Clock Utility logo
A small GUI application designed for real-time CPU frequency
NFS Carbon Control Panel logo
Panel that is used for window servers
USB Redirector logo
USB redirector for windows processor
iDevice Manager logo
This manages devices for Windows provider
IMG to ISO logo
CD/DVD/BD image file processing to for creating, opening, extracting ISO files.
Windroy logo
Use Android while on Windows computer.
PhoneClean logo
Optimize the storage on your devices
Storage Executive logo
Optimize the performance of your Crucial SSD
BGInfo logo
A system that displays important information about the computer in the background saving you time.
XWindows Dock logo
A replacement for the windows task-bar to make it similar to the MAC OS dock
QuickPar logo
Repair and use damaged software using a Par2 file system
USBDeview logo
A portable tool that provides detailed information about USB devices connected to a computer.
LockHunter logo
Delete files, even when Windows wont allow you to
Microsoft AppLocale logo
Сhange locale in order to use non-Unicode applications
Epson Event Manager Utility logo
Use the Epson scan utility from your Epson scanner
Nitro Pro logo
A PDF solution that allows users to easily manage their PDFs.
Simple Disable Key logo
A free tool for disabling particular keys or key combinations
MapKeyboard logo
Сhange your keyboard layout to desired outlay
Tongbu Assistant logo
The Best & Simplest iOS/Android Manager app
Better DS3 logo
Сonnect your PlayStation controller to your computer
Allavsoft logo
Download Youtube videos directly to your computer
ARC Welder logo
Publish your own Android apps to Chrome OS
Screenpresso logo
A screen capture tool for PC with on-screen effects
PlayOn Desktop logo
Record and watch your favorite streaming sites on desktop!
Unified Remote logo
Control your computer, and up to 100 apps with one remote on your phone
System Mechanic Professional logo
Improves the ability of the PC to run efficiently in many different ways
Manga Panda logo
A Manga downloader and reader for Windows.
Auto Keyboard Presser by Autosofted logo
Intuitive easy way to bound certain actions to your keyboard
Trinity Rescue Kit logo
Trinity Rescue Kit is a software that can potentially save a dead computer.
iMyFone Umate Pro logo
Get rid of files on your iPhone and don't have to worry
GPU-Z logo
Diagnose any issues that could be going on with your PC's GPU
Gihosoft Free Android Recovery logo
A free data recovery software for Android phones and tablets as well
Registry Recycler logo
A free registry cleaner program which helps repair your registry against corrupt data
OCZ SSD Utility logo
Manage your solid state drive whenever
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility logo
Easily overclock and tweak settings within Intel-based systems
Samsung Magician logo
Manage your SSD by keeping organized and up to date
IntelliType Pro logo
A way to customize certain features on your Microsoft keyboard
BatteryCare logo
Effectively improves efficiency and performance of your laptop battery.
dupeGuru logo
Find and delete duplicate files that are stored within your PC
Vysor logo
Brings the screen of your Android to the screen of your PC
iVCam logo
Allows you to make an iPhone into a webcam
WizMouse logo
Allows for mouse wheel functionality when it is otherwise not available
Free RAR Extract Frog logo
Extract RAR files. Fast, simple and free.
ParkControl logo
Edit core CPU parking settings in real-time
NirCmd logo
A small command-line utility that is capable of doing some helpful tasks without the need for a user interface.
Dead Pixel Buddy logo
Quickly helps you determine if your screen has any dead pixels on it
Lenovo Vantage logo
Manage device tasks such as updating drivers, detecting viruses and requesting support
AdbLink (AdbFire) logo
Use your PC to load files and apps onto any Kodi-enabled TV casting device
XOutput logo
Convert DirectInput APIs to Xinput for the compatibility of old and new game controllers
Active KillDisk logo
A hard drive eraser that makes formatting hard drives easy.
Tenorshare Android Data Recovery Pro logo
Recover lost data of different file types using the aid of the computer.
Timer Resolution logo
A utility program that is designed to increase your computer FPS perfromance
iSyncr Desktop logo
Sync your iTunes library to an Android device using either WiFi or a USB connect
WO Mic logo
Unique program that allows you to use your phone as a mic
Screenleap logo
A screen sharing solution that works for everyone instantly
ATTO Disk Benchmark logo
Software to measure storage system performance
UMDGen 4 logo
A freeware udm ISO image manipulation app for Windows.
RMPrepUSB logo
Make your USB drive bootable, Windows compatible, partitioning and managing portable drive
AMD Ryzen Master logo
Fine tune the performance of AMD Ryzen Processors
AppCola logo
Manage your IOS run iPhone/iPad devices
OffCAT logo
Provides accurate reports related to Office programs (such as Outlook)
Icaros logo
A Windows shell extension to modify the thumbnail of video types
LonelyScreen logo
Stream any and all content from your iPad or iPhone onto your PC
Real Temp logo
Keep your computers runing at maximum optimum speed
AppLocale logo
Run applications that conflict with your system locale parameters
HP CoolSense logo
Balance Hewlett Packard notebook PCs performance with system temperature constraints
Leatrix Latency Fix logo
An utility software for Windows that reduces internet latency
BleachBit logo
Clean your computer and have more room in your C Drive
SIW logo
Analyzes your computer and gathers detailed information
Allway Sync logo
Sync data between laptops, phones, and tablets from an easy to use interface
SlimCleaner Free logo
Increase program response time, space. Decrease unwanted programs
IObit Uninstaller logo
Quick and intuitive program that focuses on uninstalling unwanted programs
Memory Card Data Repair Tool logo
Recover data from inaccessible, corrupted or write-protected storage devices easy
Samsung Kies 3 logo
Synchronize data between your Samsung mobile device and Windows PC
TCPing logo
A good alternative to a standard ping
Aiseesoft FoneTrans logo
An easier way to transfer data between iOS devices and computers
SocksCap logo
Makes any internet program you are currently using support a socks proxy
Password Resetter logo
Reset any lost or forgotten password in just three steps
PrivaZer logo
Overwrite your deleted items so that they can never be recovered
CLRMamePro logo
Improves the experience and functionality of the MAME emulator
AmoyShare O2Tunes logo
A software interface for managing, transferring, and backing up media from iTunes, iOS devices
Themida logo
Protect your work from being copied and edited
Undelete 360 logo
Recover files that were deleted, for whatever reason
WhoCrashed logo
Find out which drivers are responsible for your computer crashing
ProduKey logo
Find the CD Key and Product ID of programs that are installed on your PCs
EasyBCD logo
Expands the Windows BCD bootloader, allowing for dual boots between several Windows OS
StarOffice logo
An office suite containing a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing program, and graphing program
3DP Chip logo
One tool for hardware diagnostics and driver management.
BSR Screen Recorder logo
Record and save anything you see or hear on your computer
File Renamer Basic logo
Rename, copy and move batches of files or folders
SWF Editor logo
This is a flash editor that allows you to edit SWF Files.
FREE DLL Fixer logo
A handy utility program that fixes missing or corrupted files
Belarc Advisor logo
Get a complete overview of your computer contents
Comodo Backup logo
Backup important data from a whole drive, down into separate individual files
PointerFocus logo
A windows application that allows users to highlight their mouse movements
System Mechanic Free logo
Speed up your computer and get it back to how it was when your first got it
Partition Find and Mount logo
Allows recovery of deleted or lost partitions through a process of locating and mounting partitions
TeraCopy Portable logo
Copies and moves large number of files faster
PsTools logo
A useful utility for managing one or many computer systems
Universal USB Installer (UUI) logo
Create a run-ready bootable USB flash drive with your operating system
Microsoft RichCopy logo
A copy utility program designed to copy several files simultaneously
ASUS Share Link logo
Exchange documents between your PC and smartphone
Samsung Scan Assistant logo
A scanner utility that makes the scanning and processing of scanned images on any Samsung scanner more efficient
PhoenixSuit logo
Update firmware on Android devices/Windows operating systems.
Kutools for Excel logo
A great way for beginner Excel users to create complicated and fancy Excel Spreadsheets!
Motorola Device Manager logo
Control your device remotely, installing updates and managing information stored in your device
BulkFileChanger logo
Change the date and time properties of files and folders on your computer
ASUS Fan Xpert logo
Provides fan control for the CPU and case housing
Allows Android software to run on a PC platform, specifically Windows.
HP Hotkey Support logo
A utility program that lets the user program custom key bindings
Toolwiz Care logo
A free maintenance utility for optimizing your Windows computer.
RT Seven Lite logo
An utility for Windows 7 that allows users to customize or disable features
TypeItIn logo
A simple easy to use program that can automate things for you
ASUS PC Link logo
Connect your ASUS mobile phone to a PC
Speakonia logo
Text-to-Speech software, to read aloud a given text file
LG Smart Share logo
Transfer videos, music, applications, pictures, and files from one television to another easily
HDTach logo
A physical performance hard drive test delivering maximum accuracy
SanDisk SSD Toolkit logo
Maintain, monitor and update the firmware of your SanDisk drives
WinToBootic logo
Make bootable 32-bit or 64-bit Windows installers from ISO files
ChipGenius logo
Reveal information about your USB devices in order to troubleshoot them
LG Bridge logo
A software used to bridge all LG devices together so they can be managed in one place
adbFire logo
Load files and apps onto your Fire TV from your Windows PC.
Mouse Recorder Pro logo
Freeware mouse and keyboard recorder application
Motorola Phone Tools (MPT) logo
Various useful tools for your Motorola Device
Driver Sweeper logo
Restore or use other drives from different devices hooked to your computer
ISO2Disc logo
Create a Windows environment to a USB drive
iCloud Remover logo
Remove ICloud accounts from your iPhone
HP Connection Manager logo
Connect to other devices using wireless networks such as Bluetooth
AI Suite III logo
Get the real time information about your PC
Nero MediaHome logo
Nero MediaHome is the choice for creating, saving, storing, and sharing all your favorite media files
SixaxisPairTool logo
A prefect application for pairing your phone and controller.
Canon Quick Menu logo
Access manuals, applications and other Canon tools
Canon IJ Scan Utility logo
Make scanning anything in your life so much easier
Intel WiDi Media Share logo
Send multimedia content from a computer to an external screen
ASUS WinFlash logo
upgrade the BIOS on your ASUS computers
Debloater logo
Block and disable applications on your Android device
Advanced RAR Repair logo
Fix RAR files that will not decompress properly
RSD Lite logo
Customize or fix your Motorola Android device
SamFirm logo
Reset your device to original firmware
Cool Timer logo
Simple timer application for Windows computers with several features
PrEditor logo
A USB capable of locking and unlocking your PC for security purposes
Glary Utilities logo
Scan, clean, and optimize your PC for better performance
FBackup logo
Backup any important data you wish to
Jitbit Macro Recorder logo
A macros program using your mouse and keyboard as a recorder
TunesGo logo
Your ultimate media manager for your Android or iOS device
OrCAD logo
A simple and efficient way to create schematics for manufacturing printed circuit boards
Quick View Plus logo
Open hundreds of different types of files without having to have multiple applications
Huawei HiSuite logo
Expands user functionality on Android/Windows smartphones through download management, data backup, and system updating
PickMeApp logo
Easily move all of your programs and files from one computer to another
Duplicate Files Deleter logo
Remove clutter and improve your computer’s performance
BFGMiner logo
A modular Bitcoin ASIC/FPGA mining application used to solve hashing algorithms in the creation of new Bitcoin
imageUSB logo
Create a bootable image to USB flash drive out of any ISO file
Сopy your system disk into another disk, it even works with disks that don't belong in the same system
WinX MediaTrans logo
Transfer photos, videos, and music from and between iPhone, iPad, and computer.
Argus Monitor logo
Keep tabs on your computer system's temperature and control your fan speed to keep your system cool
Ultracopier logo
An advanced file-copier software for Windows that allows you to copy your files worry free
WinImage logo
A disk imaging shareware used to create, read, edit many image formats and file systems
jv16 PowerTools logo
An excellent product to clean up your computer
Asus Ai Charger logo
A simple utility for Windows that enables you to charge your Apple devices through your PC’s USB ports
Driver Robot logo
Upkeep the latest drivers for their respective hardware without the effort
AnyToISO logo
Extract and convert files, CD/DVD disks, and folders to ISO format conveniently
BIOSAgentPlus logo
Optimize your PC by keeping your BIOS and Drivers up to date.
WinMount logo
Mount any ZIP, RAR and ISO files onto a virtual drive
Vistumbler logo
An advanced Access Point scanner for Windows above the market competitors.
SuperF4 logo
A software that will help you and your computer to work together faster
PlayClaw logo
PlayClaw gives you the possibility to see several game overlays on your screen while you play.
Joulemeter logo
Measure the consumption of electricity by each individual part of your computer.
Vistalizator logo
Software to use multiple languages in Windows by overriding an MUI languages limitations
Listary logo
A smart search tool used to expedite searching through your computer's files and storage