Easy Invert
Invert enables users to quickly and easily invert the colors of any image or graphic.
MestReNova is a powerful analytical software package designed to assist scientists in data management, analysis, visualization, and reporting.
FFXI Switch Monitor
FFXI Switch Monitor is a tool for Final Fantasy XI players to monitor and automate game switches.
Painter Mouse
Painter Mouse is a creative drawing program that allows users to create artwork using a real-life mouse as a drawing tool.
Oracle VM VirtualBox
Oracle VM VirtualBox is a virtualization software solution that allows users to run multiple operating systems on a single host computer.
DebugView is a Windows application for real-time system monitoring and logging of debug messages.
Indigo Studio
Indigo Studio is an interactive design tool that helps product teams quickly and easily create engaging, interactive user experiences for websites, apps, and more.
GPlates Portable
GPlates Portable is a free, open-source, cross-platform software application for the interactive visualization of plate-tectonics reconstructions and associated geological and paleo-geographic features through geological time.
LiveResults Client
LiveResults Client is a cloud-based solution that provides live event results and tracking services for race organizers.
BatteryBar is an advanced battery monitoring tool for Windows that displays detailed information about your laptop or tablet's battery life.
WinCustom is a powerful software solution for Windows which allows users to customize their system and make it look and feel like their own.
Delprof2 is a command-line tool for deleting user profiles on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.
Easy PC Optimizer
Easy PC Optimizer is an all-in-one PC optimization tool that helps users to quickly and easily clean, speed up, and protect their PC.
Hidden File Finder
File Finder is a powerful utility to quickly and easily locate hidden files on your computer.
Braina is an AI-based personal assistant and automation software that enables users to interact with their computers using voice commands.
Free Number Generator
Number Generator is a free, lightweight tool that quickly generates random numbers within a range of your choosing.
WhatPulse is a free, open-source application that records and analyzes data about your computer usage.
Intel Turbo Boost Technology Monitor
Turbo Boost Technology Monitor is a software utility that displays the processor frequency of Intel processors to monitor performance and power consumption.
Universal Radio Hacker
Universal Radio Hacker is a software suite for analyzing and decoding signals from wireless protocols and various data modes.
Wagnardsoft Tools (WTools)
WTools is a suite of tools for debugging and optimizing PC hardware and software.
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