Speed Clicker
A simple utility to perform automated mouse clicks per second.
Windows 11 Compatibility Checker
A simple utility to automatically check the Windows 11 compatibility of your computer.
A cool application to create previews of common file types
Quick Search
An efficient tool to locate data and folders by keywords
College Schedule Maker
A reliable tool to organize college life by keeping track of schedules
Logger Lite
An intuitive tool to gather math and science data with ease
Nvidia Profile Inspector
An Nvidia profile manager made to manually adjust the graphic settings set on games
Windows 10 Update Assistant
A Windows updating service that helps you manually update your system with proper compatibility
It is the diskless boot system that restores a clean state to your computer after each reboot.
A helpful tool to create NTFS symbolic links for Windows 2000 or higher
Find MAC Address
A fully functional tool for finding the Mac address of a local or remote computer.
An AI-based development tool, integrating AI to the data and having visual coding
The ideal assistant you need to create your own books digitally
MSI Dragon Center
A MSI-based gaming center with things like optimization, gaming mode, and more
Monitor Test
A software tool that tests the quality and performance of LCD flat panel screens.
Car management software to diagnose issues with Citro├źn and Peugeot vehicles
Power Kit
A software which gives you the ability to schedule tasks for your computer
An open-source password-retrieval program, using many different methods
Free ISO Mount
Enable users to mount ISO files using DVDs and CDs
PST Recovery
A tool used to recover deleted Outlook files for MS Outlook users
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