by e2eSoft

Emulates webcam in system for windows servers

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: e2eSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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VCam is a program that can emulate a webcam connected to a computer and broadcast any video (or images) to the other party.

During the installation of the program itself, all the necessary drivers will be installed on your computer, which will "cheat" the PC, making it think that you have connected a physical webcam. VCam's application is limited to your imagination, but most of the time it's used to play friends on Skype and other video chats. By the way, no additional steps are required from the user to integrate with third-party software. Most programs, like the operating system itself, believe that a real webcam is connected to your computer.

In addition to broadcasting video and graphics files, VCam can also output images from your desktop, external capture cards and other similar devices. By the way, if you use this webcam, this program can be useful for adding various graphic effects on the image from it. For example, you can make the picture monochrome, display it in a negative and so on. All available effects are placed in a separate section, from where they can be applied by pressing a single key. There is also a function to add text layers and frames.

For more comfortable work with VCam, the developer has implemented hotkeys in it. You can configure their combinations in the menu and settings. There you can also select the multimedia interface used by the program (by default DirectShow) and change the skin of the graphical shell.

- emulation of a real webcam;

- Broadcast video files, graphics files, as well as "pictures" from capture cards and other devices;

- Add all kinds of effects to the image from the physical webcam;

- multilingual interface;

- Automatic integration with Skype and other similar programs;

- your own video driver;

- Use the default DirectShow media interface;

- High performance with low CPU load.

VCam for windows is like a normal webcam but now it is an emulator of the real webcam camera that is found in most of the windows. VCam cab be used in a variety of functions such as the webcam where one can use it for video calling, it can be used for broadcasting and even having video meetings. VCam provides a better resolution as compared to the normal webcam camera which comes with the windows. It is free and one can download it form the internet or purchase it if need be.
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