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WetSock is a software which is helpful to know weather

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Locutuscodeware

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Last revision: Last week

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WetSock is a software application that will work in the windows computer system. it is the most useful one and it was developed in the mid-2000s. the reason behind this program development is to give a reliable opportunity to the people to know the weather conditions. And this program also being liked by the people who love traveling. the people who work on their busy schedules have no possible opportunity to have some time to read the news. they don't have any spare time to watch news channels and read newspapers in modern society. so that the developers gave them a huge opportunity to know the details of the weather conditions on their reliable times from any place.

This application is also called a weather reader. The main motive of this program is to develop awareness among people to know the weather. it makes people fully aware of the weather conditions. the application is so effective to the people of business class, and working in the various types of jobs which need more traveling. people who love to travel but not able to do it because they don't know how conditions change suddenly may choose this application as their best one to read. it enables the functions of searching news articles about weather conditions with the help of the internet. there is more variety of places available and can be chosen based on the interest of the readers.

The person who has an interest in travel can use this wonderful application to know the atmosphere of places. it is more sufficient to use at any time and any places even at office or home. the contrast between personal and social values are not affected by using this application. it is more than the person ever wants to spend his time on in a purposeful activity. it really reduces the time spending too much on doing related works.

It is very useful to know the weather details of the places we want.



WetSock 4.9e (1.42 MB)
WetSock 4.9c (1.42 MB)
WetSock for Windows is an application that provides you with weather conditions for most major cities around the world. There are limitations with the application such as only being able to select two cities to view in your application tray. After you have chosen your cities, icons appear in your system tray that show the current cloud cover condition in the cities you have selected. If you click this, you get the 24 hour forecast and other current conditions for that city. While there are limitations, this is a fun and simple addition to your system tray and worth a shot to add.
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