WIDI Recognition System Standard


Solution for audimated music transcription for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: WIDISOFT

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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WIDI Recognition System Standard is a powerful tool for recognizing music from a computer. It converts your digital music recordings into MIDI commands (Wave to MIDI, mp3 to MIDI).

The tools included in the WIDI Recognition System allow both manual editing and built-in automatic algorithms, which greatly simplify the musician's work - what previously took several hours, the program can do almost automatically in just a few minutes.

WIDI Recognition System Standard is able to recognize music containing a lot of voices and works with mp3 files, wave, CD tracks, and many others, outputting a note record that can be edited or saved in MIDI format. Also as sources, the program can use the sound coming directly from the microphone or line input without recording it to a file, allowing on the fly to convert the sound of a non-MIDI instrument into MIDI commands, which can already be performed by any other instrument with the help of MIDI synthesizer. For example, the guitar sound can be converted into violin or piano sound in this way.

You can create MIDI files:

to convert to a musical format and make changes.

to use in a cell phone as a call.

Play a melody on any MIDI-compatible instrument.

to use in any music editor.

create a preview function for mp3 collections, etc.

- includes the latest recognition algorithms, including drumming recognition;

- real-time recognition module;

- Analysis of the tonality and arrangement of instruments;

- The Recognition Wizard makes it easy to get acquainted with the process;

- Batch recognition module for processing multiple files at a time;

- a translation manager that allows you to switch the interface language and others.

I love using WIDI Recognition System Standard for Windows, because this program lets me transcribe music with ease, no matter what the format of the audio file is. Regardless of whether the input comes as MP3, CD-Track or WAV, this program can produce scores from it. I also appreciate that it can detect drums and that it has a batch processing tool.
hi am a music designer, really liked the way its working for me, its give me the input and output varieties, we can merge the same and uses for the audio file formats we can change the same to mp3 wave formats, also the results save as the MDI format, highly recommended for for the music person, worth for the money, there is free versions, in paid versions we can explore the extra options.,, worth a buy, thanks.
Calum X.
WIDI Recognition System Standard is a powerful tool for music notation. It automatically transcribes audio files into MIDI, allowing musicians to compose and arrange music with ease. It supports a wide range of audio formats and provides advanced editing capabilities. It also includes a library of thousands of real-instrument samples for realistic playback, as well as an extensive range of effects and other tools.
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