XviD Codec

by Xvid

A fast way to compress your videos for easy sharing

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Xvid

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The XviD Codec is a great tool to use in order to share video files with friends and family online. It allows you to quickly and easily pass videos along to others over the internet without having to worry about how long the video is or the weight of the file size.

The XviD Codec is an intelligent program that will take any uncompressed video you put into it and create a highly compressed version without removing any observable quality. It does this by analyzing the input video frame by frame and determining what information can be removed while still preserving the original quality. The final output size will be significantly smaller so that you can easily email it to anyone you want to share it with or host it on a website where people will be able to download it very quickly.

If you're unsatisfied with the output quality of the video you can always go into the custom configuration options and set options such as frame rate or color saturation. This will affect the output video allowing it to be more to your liking. If you need it to be a certain file size due to space limitations you can select that option and the program will work to find a way to have the resultant file be the size you selected.

It's really amazing how high-quality XviD encoded videos are and how they look identical to the original input video. If you want to share videos online for any reason this is a great tool to use since you won't have to compress the videos manually which is much more likely to result in poorer quality videos. You'll be able to share your videos with the world in a matter of minutes and everybody will be able to see them in the exact same quality they were originally recorded in.

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