7th Street

by gamehitzone.com

A 3D horror game involving escape from Slender Man in an abandoned city

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: gamehitzone.com

Release : 7th Street 1.1

Antivirus check: passed

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7th Street is a 3D horror game. The player's objective is to recover eight pages scattered throughout an abandoned city, all while avoiding the terrifying character known as Slender Man. Looking at Slender Man will cause your mental health to deteriorate, which will have negative effects and can potentially lead to your death. You must carefully manage your stamina because continuous running will reduce your maximum stamina, so you must only run when it's absolutely necessary. Slender Man, a faceless figure dressed in black, is feared worldwide and is known for abducting people. One cannot afford to gaze upon him, otherwise, he may catch you! The ultimate goal is to survive and avoid falling into the hands of Slender Man.

7th Street provides a unique and suspenseful gaming experience with its randomly generated environment and intense gameplay.
  • Collect eight pages scattered in an abandoned city.
  • Avoid the Slender Man, a faceless figure dressed in a black suit.
  • Manage your mental health and stamina, essential for your survival.
  • It is absolutely crucial not to look at the Slender Man to avoid being caught and killed.

Every playthrough of 7th Street offers a unique experience due to its randomly generated environment. This means that the eight pages will never be in the same place twice, and Slender Man won't chase you in the same way. This game mechanic makes each game different and unpredictable, thus heightening the level of suspense and adrenaline. Finally, the dark and eerie soundtrack creates a disturbing atmosphere that adds to the overall horror experience. So, are you ready to confront Slender Man and try to survive in 7th Street?

1. Operating System: Windows 7 or later.
2. Minimum RAM: 2 GB or higher recommended.
3. Graphics card: DirectX 9 compatible.
4. Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0c.

Unique experience due to randomly generated environment.
Dark, eerie soundtrack enhances horror experience.
Stamina and mental health management adds to challenge.

Game can be too intense for sensitive players.
Random generation may lead to frustrating difficulty spikes.
The dark graphics may strain players' eyes.
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