ActCAD 2018 Professional

by M.Murali Krishna

A graphic design utility for model creation

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: M.Murali Krishna

Release: ActCAD 2018 Professional 8.4.792(64-bit)

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ActCAD 2018 Professional is a professional utility that comes with a wide array of features for creating powerful 2D drafting, as well as for 3D modeling in terms of design with computers. It is ideal for engineers, architects, and other skilled professionals, especially, such as those in technical fields, however, it is perfect for individuals of any discipline in learning modeling and graphic design. CAD software is very easy to progress into once a user has some background information, making this available for many users. It has several features and other things embedded into it and is perfect for a wide variety of purposes. It also utilizes the latest version of IntelliCAD software to make sure that users are able to work with the best performance and features available. It comes with several commands which may supplement all other integrated features. It allows users to work with software such as the core IntelliCAD, and unlock different modes and features for project design.

ActCAD 2018 Professional comes with built-in features such as a batch file converter, a display for block libraries, productivity enhancement utilities, and unit converters. It lets users make drafts and drawings with ease. Some other gold features of the program include an IntelliCAD software engine, a simple and easy to use interface, add-on features, and tools, file conversions, which are automated as well as online customer assistance. Users may purchase a license, and this license is for a lifetime.

I would highly recommend ActCAD 2018 for all users looking to work with models and experiments, working with graphic design for several different purposes. It is very simple and easy in its interface, so navigation is not a struggle for all. It also very customizable, and so is perfect for all users to work with to master their craft.

Allows the user to create a perfect model and work with several add-on features

  • A wide array of features for graphic design
  • Core IntelliCAD
  • 2D drafting
  • File conversions
  • Create precise models
ActCAD is a software designed primarily for architects and engineers. This software provides exceptional 2D drafting and 3D modeling. With regards to graphic design, this particular software is perfect for those in any technical field or with any desire to explore the world of design. ActCAD comes with several features that further enhance the experience for the user, including file conversations and creating precise 3D models.
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