Ad-Aware Total Security

by Lavasoft

A security system that can be downloaded to prevent or find malware

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Lavasoft

Release: Ad-Aware Total Security 12.0.649.11190

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Ad-Aware Total Security for windows does a lot of different things to keep your computer virus and spy free. So basically, a safe computer or device. You don't have to worry about this on your computer that is considered harmful. Ad-Aware is good for antivirus and antispyware apps, which is the main thing Ad-Aware does. They also include a two-way firewall, email protection, even parenting control, and so much more. With Ad-Aware, you can shop and bank online safely without any worry about your personal information. Even if you are experiencing email attacks, Ad-Aware will help with that too! 

There is also an included game mode feature. Where if you do not want any interruptions from Ad-Aware while you are in a game or watching a show/movie. 

While browsing, Ad-Aware will constantly be going through each website, URL, and anything else you are using to make sure nothing is dangerous. This is here to keep you safe while browsing, shopping, gaming, and even movie watching. Ad-Aware Total Security for Windows has made there interface more simplified for easier use and to show more options that will provide you with the best kind of security for your computer and devices that you have set up with Ad-aware Tatla security. Everything with Ad-Aware is set up as tabs. There is a home screen tab. This tab provides all the information in the current time, email, the web, and network currently being used. This Home tab also shows you the gaming mode that is available, and it so much more information. Besides, you are also able to see the last scan date that Ad-Aware total Security has, view definitions if they are unknown to you, and all the total signature. 

With Ad-Aware Total Security, you can customize the way Ad-aware scans your computer or device. With Ad-Aware, computer scans are just a click of a button. When the default version of the scan is in use, they detect the most critical things, such as the program files, and the scan covers the entire hard drive. So Ad-aware total Security does pretty much anything to keep you and your information in your computer or devices safe from anything that can harm you or your computer.

Provides mostly to prevent viruses and spyware apps.

  • Quick Antivirus
  • Downloading Protection
  • Automatic Threat Updates at all times
  • Safe Browsing 
  • Game/Movie Mode
  • Email Protection
  • Safety while shopping and Banking
  • Parent Control
  • And so much more!
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