by Adguard

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Adguard

Last revision: Last week

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Adguard is one of the most popular and effective programs for blocking advertisements on web pages, which works with all browsers, and also contains a number of useful features that ensure the security of your stay on the network. But let's talk about each module included in Adguard separately. The most important of them is called "Antibanner" and the purposes for which it serves are quite clear. But the blocking of absolutely all advertising in the browser does not end with the functions of this module. He also knows how to remove social buttons like "Class" or "I like" from pages and block various analytical systems and other mechanisms that monitor user behavior on the network. The second module is also called "Antiphishing". It ensures that you only visit trusted sites, blocking fraudulent resources and alerting you to potential fraudulent ones (while still allowing you to switch to the resource if you wish). The program uses its own database of dangerous sites, which is constantly updated.

Both previously described modules do not require presetting, which is different from the last one. It serves to provide parental control, and in general that is what it is called - "Parental control". It allows caring parents to block a child's access to certain web resources. All Adguard features, according to the developers, consume much less RAM than alternative solutions of this kind and work faster, but at the same time is paid for.

- effectively blocks advertising in all modern web browsers;

- is hindering the operation of various analytics systems;

- contains a module that warns the user against visiting potentially dangerous web resources;

- includes the basic functions of parental control;

- consumes relatively little RAM during operation.

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