Adblock Plus

by Wladimir Palant

The most popular ad blocker for Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Wladimir Palant

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Adblock Plus is a popular extension for many browsers, designed to significantly improve the appearance of the displayed pages. Browse through any web pages and do not be distracted by anything else, because you will no longer see annoying advertising. All the banners on the program now take over. Until recently this extension was only available to Mozilla Firefox users. Recently, the beta version of Adblock Plus has also been available to Google Chrome supporters.

This extension will block almost all types of Internet advertising - Flash movies, banners, images of all formats, Java-applets and so on. Filter bases, where the program will block advertising, can be downloaded from special resources. In addition, if an advertisement does seep into the page, you can add it to the filters from the context menu. The filtering rules come into effect immediately, and all new open pages will no longer display advertisements that fall under these filters.

As you can see, the program is very easy to use and belongs to the category "installed and forgotten". That's why it's safe to recommend both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (and all other browsers based on it that support the installation of extensions).

- does not change the page layout, only blocks advertising elements;

- Add any random block filters;

- adding filter lists using different resources;

- automatic update of filter bases with the possibility to disable unnecessary subscriptions;

- a special counter showing the number of blocked advertising elements on the page.

AdblockPlus is a extension designed to improve the appearance of web page display. Its compare to Mozilla Firefox, and know is available to Google Chrome supporters. to be able to enjoy your reading, movie and other stuff. It blocks almost all internet advertising. Wish I know many of us will love since i have heard that many hate seeing many many many advertisement once we open a web-page. It seems like we are here to see advertisements instead of reading or looking at what we first intended to look or read.
looks very great give me the oportunity to change audio ads in songs that i like, i think is a good app is so new and fresh i really like it because i hate the audio ads. a good way to ignore it.
A small browser addon for firefox thats is used to block unwanted ads on websites eg when you browse your favorite website and unwanted ads show up when you are browsing some of this clicks could have malware according to my own experience
It's an amazing extension with no download fees needed. After installing this extension, I won’t see any annoying ads jumped up while I am watching news on my laptop. It keeps my webpage looks so nice and clean so I can focus on what I want to see. I don’t need to worry about my laptop downloads files with virus by click on those ads casually. It works for both google chrome and Firefox in Window 7.
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