Aero Glass

by Big Muscle

A user interface defaulted in Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers with the minimum graphics requirements.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Big Muscle

Release: Aero Glass v1.5.10

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Aero Glass for Windows is a default user interface that introduces a customizable experience. The “glass” effects in the user interface can be changed to either be opaque or clear, and a tint of color can be added. Additional features include windows organization and management.


  • Personalization options added to the Control Panel for Windows Vista and Windows 7 enabling the “glass” effect.
  • Customization includes opaque or clear options, and the ability to tint the windows as desired.
  • Live previews of dialogue boxes through the “ALT-TAB” menu makes navigation easier.
  • Organization of the user interfaces included through the “Flip 3D” feature, designed to organize open windows in a waterfall with a 3D effect.
  • Certain windows buttons glow when hovered over to increase ease of use.

Aero Glass for Windows is a stylized approach to the user interface that allows for the application of the transparent to opaque options in the themes. The ability to use a tint in the windows dialogue boxes adds an extra touch of customized user experience. Aero Glass also utilizes a number of management and organization features for windows navigation, including organizing windows into a cascade with the “Flip 3D” feature, growing from smaller to larger for easy identification.  The ability to use the “ALT-TAB” menu and to hover over the taskbar to view live previews of windows also provides a more user-friendly experience for navigation. 

The Aero Glass theme introduces see-through or opaque elements to windows that allows user to customize their experience.

Additionally, certain window buttons, like maximize, close and minimize, will glow when the cursor hovers over them for more accuracy during navigation. There are certain high-end graphics requirements needed in order to utilize the Aero Glass User Interface. The minimum requirement is the Longhorn Display Driver Model. For those computers that do not meet the minimum hardware requirements, the standard Aero experience is utilized, which does not enable the “glass” features of Aero Glass for Windows.   

Ben Woodard
Aero Glass for Windows is a simple but effective interface that puts almost a retro spin ala Windows 98 depth of customization options. It also provides a sleek and clean look to those who use their desktop space to it's ultimate potential.
I absolutely love Aero Glass. I'm a creative person, and I always love anything that I can customize. Aero Glass definitely fits that bill. I love the glass effect in general, but I seriously love messing with the color tints. I'm also loving the 3D effect!
This is a cool way to improve your windows experience. When the user gets tired of standard windows borders, this feature will help to change them to cool 'glass' borders. Gives a better look for the window. Of course, there is no any heavy meaning in this tool, but it does exactly what you are expecting - changing the boring Windows borders to cool looking aero glass
Jamie Shannon
there wasnt really much to talk about.
Aero Glass theme for Windows is a theme on Windows 7 operating system. With this theme, users could add a transparent effect to the windows that are currently being used by the user.
I have used Aero Glass for Windows recently. I had to use this software when I borrowed a relatives laptop to complete some extra work that I had due. At first, I was a little confused, but I quickly learned to navigate through the program after learning about the task bar option that was available.
I honestly don't see the point of this software. It's up to Microsoft to fix their problem. I wouldn't bother with this software because it seems to just further worse the problem it's intended to fix
Aero Glass for Windows is a new design language that will work for Windows 8 and up, great for Windows 10. Looks to be sharp,and well thought out,modern but nerdy. The graphs are nice and will add a good visual to your projects and expense accounts whatever your business. easy to download you can start working in minutes. Check out the online reviews for more information. Many geek sites have already tried this software out so there's no problem finding loads of competent information.
No lag time at all makes my desktop beautiful. Thank you to the developers. Now I can add glow and shadows, make my windows have this cool glassy look, and just generally customize my desktop in whatever way I want. I will recommend this to friends.
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