Microsoft RichCopy

by Microsoft

A copy utility program designed to copy several files simultaneously

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Microsoft

Release: Microsoft RichCopy 4.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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RichCopy was created by Ken Tamaru in 1996 and used internally by Microsoft until its public release in 2001. It was eight times as advanced compared to the default alternative, RoboCopy.


  • Offers a variety of granular controls you can adjust to your needs, such as filtering files or saving attributes
  • Ability to copy files from different locations at once and save them in a single spot
  • Software updates have evolved with the time
  • The graphical user interface supports command lines
  • Options to pause, suspend, and resume any time while copying
  • Ability to preserve file attributes, as date modified

Although the utility program is now discontinued and no longer supported by Microsoft, there are still programmers out there updating it to evolve with the trends. Since the original utility was used internally by Microsoft programmers for five years, many of the bugs were addressed and the program ran efficiently before releasing to the public. 

RichCopy is eight times as powerful than Microsoft's default option, allowing easy movement for large amounts of data

One of the most distinctive features is multithread capabilities. Instead of copying one file at a time in serial order it allows multiple threads to copy simultaneously. The end result is several files from different sources copied all to the same destination. By consolidating and copying parallel, the total operational time is decreased significantly. The acceleration has also contributed to improved network and storage device utilization.

As you can see in the features listed above, personal user preference is another unique characteristic with this utility. Users can choose to move the files directly or indirectly over the network, even pausing while out of network and resuming once in network again. Other user preferences include customizations on what attributes to retain with each file, destination source, and an easy to navigate command center powered by Graphical User Interface GUI).  

In summary, Microsoft RichCopy is an essential tool for anyone downloading or moving data. Although it is unsupported by Microsoft, version of the original are still downloadable and updated by private programmers. 

Sarah Williams
Microsoft RichCopy is quick and easy to use. It's something I'd recommend my folks use instead of their default computer option.
sam dow
RichCopy is eight times as powerful than Microsoft's default option, allowing easy movement for large amounts of data
MicroSoft RichCopy sounds like a very useful and helpful software product. I particularly like that it can free up storage space and improve computer performance and storage situations. I also like that it has been in use for a substantial length of time and has had the bugs worked out. It sounds like a product that could really improve my efficiency in certain scenarios.
RichCopy will copy faster! It really is as simple as that. Whether it is for work or for your own projects this tool will make it easy to copy anything from your computer. It is great for beginners as well as advanced users.
Charlie Sowell
This program was a file copy system used by windows users. Unfortunately it has been discontinued and is no longer in use by users.
This program is capable of multiprocessing making it faster than some windows programs. It does wonders when you are trying to execute discontinued programs on windows.
Microsoft RichCopy for Windows is an amazing piece of software that I've downloaded on my PC computer. It's so useful and makes me much more efficient in that it's multi-threaded. I can copy many files at the same time and that reduces the time I spend doing file transfers. I recommended to my friends and they are using it too. Too bad this file copying utility is discontinued. Microsoft should bring it back. It has made my life so much easier. Please bring this software back and offer it to the public. It would be greatly appreciated.
Microsoft RichCopy for Windows is an improved software that duplicates folders. It can duplicate folders quickly. It has an easy visual circuit for simple operation. Besides that, Microsoft RichCopy for Windows has an upper hand in multithreading that lets folders be duplicated simultaneously. Moreover, this software can be used as a support tool, allowing for many files to be duplicated to an identical place. Overall, Microsoft RichCopy for Windows is a helpful program that makes it effortless in transferring folders. Source:
The Microsoft Richcopy for Windows was developed in 1996 to move and copy files at a fast speed. This software is faster than any other copying tool.
I was cleaning & arranging my files to a new disk and the 1-thread file copying is quite slow. And MS RichCopy helped me out -- it is free, yes, FREE for all. Imagine normal file copying is like one worker helping you moving house, and Microsoft RichCopy would invite a whole group of workers to help you move piles and tons of files very quickly!
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