by AIMP DevTeam

A full-featured music player designed with sound quality, wide and customizable functionality

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AIMP DevTeam

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Last revision: Last week

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Everyone decides for themselves which software to choose for their needs from a huge range of applications. Some people find it easier to install a few small utilities, each of which solves a specific problem. Others prefer to use programs with a wide range of options. If we look at the AIMP application from this point of view, it may well become the choice of those users who are looking for universal multitasking software. Thanks to its fine-tuning capabilities, the app will be useful for music connoisseurs. Listening to your favorite songs and radio stations becomes twice as enjoyable when the quality of their sound is adjusted to "yourself". AIMP creates all the conditions for this, offering a clear and stylish interface, quality equalizer, a lot of settings of playback features (echo, environment, pace, etc.).

When installing after extracting files, the user only needs to select the desired version (portable for removable devices or full version for desktop PCs). The application is fully integrated into the operating system, allowing you to play certain types of files by default. Also, AIMP can be integrated with the context menu of the Explorer. The program's interface resembles Winamp in some ways: at the bottom of the working window there is a playlist, at the top there is a control panel. Perhaps for some people the interface buttons will seem uncomfortable and small in size (given the current trend towards large icons and shortcuts), but after a while you will not pay attention to this.

Different from other music players, AIMP offers the user such additional features as an integrated alarm clock, deactivation of playback at the appointed time, quick search for songs, adding songs as bookmarks. Hotkey combinations can be configured to give you quick access to the most frequently used functions. The application supports many music formats. Interestingly, when playing music files from the library or Internet channel, the program uses a minimum of system resources. It gives the chance to establish the given software practically on all computers (even on those which it is possible to name morally out-of-date). Speaking of other additional features, it is worth noting that the program can work as an audio converter, recorder and ripper, as well as as a tag editor.

- Full-featured audio player with crystal-clear sound and many settings;

- provides an opportunity to choose skins and visualizations;

- provides not only audio playback from the user's library, but also listening to online radio stations;

- has a portable version for downloading to a removable disk;

- is free for non-commercial use;

- has an 18-band equalizer and built-in sound effects;

- 32-bit sound processing;

- creates bookmarks and play queues;

- supports plugins;

- has a set of hotkeys;

- has the functions of a converter;

- a built-in alarm clock;

- allows you to listen to one playlist while working with another;

- provides access to online radio stations.

AIMP 2.51.330 (3.76 MB)
AIMP 4.02.1711 (8.39 MB)
AIMP 4.50.2056 (10.08 MB)
AIMP 4.50.2058 (10.08 MB)
AIMP 4.51.2070 (10.14 MB)
AIMP 4.51.2073 (10.15 MB)
AIMP 4.51.2075 (10.16 MB)
AIMP 4.51.2077 (10.19 MB)
AIMP 4.51.2080 (10.17 MB)
AIMP 4.51.2083 (10.41 MB)
AIMP 4.51.2084 (10.41 MB)
AIMP 4.60.2144 (10.46 MB)
AIMP 4.60.2146 (10.49 MB)
AIMP 4.60.2153 (11.41 MB)
AIMP 4.60.2156 (11.41 MB)
AIMP 4.60.2161 (11.41 MB)
AIMP 4.60.2175 (11.31 MB)
AIMP 4.60.2180 (11.31 MB)
AIMP is perfect for music listeners. AIMP is an all-in-one software program that enhances the quality of listening to your music. AIMP has additional features such as deactivation of playback at the appointed time, quick search for songs, and adding songs as a bookmark. AIMP can also audio convert, and serve as a recorder, ripper, and tag editor.
Wow, a music listening software for the computer and an app, especially something you can use to listen, mix music or just change the equalization. Sounds like you can rip music and it hardly takes up any size at all, which is un heard of for a music mixing software.
It's often frustrating switching back and forth between numerous different applications. Here I have finally found a solution to reduce onscreen clutter, so I can lean back in autopilot mode, get work done, and have fun at the same time. The functions are amazing for anyone who spends long hours in a multitasking environment, but needs a bit of entertainment as well to keep them chugging along.
AIMP is a full-featured music player designed with sound quality and wide, customization functionality in mind. Thirty audio formats are supported
aimp is a audio player for windows and it is classic is best for is not only a good audio player and also includes a lyric aimp we can create our own playlist and njoy listening our favourite songs.if u want a simple audio player with best features you can choose aimp.
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