Equalizer APO

by Equalizer APO

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Equalizer APO

Last revision: Last week

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Equalizer APO is a multifunctional equalizer with a set of filters, created in the form of a plugin, which is installed in addition to the sound card driver on your computer and serves to adjust the quality of sound.

Once installed, the user can professionally customize the sound directly in the audio adapter, eliminating the need to further customize each media player, video game, or any other program that works with sound. In addition to the output signal, Equalizer APO also allows you to set up sound processing on the sound card input channels, which are used when connecting microphones, musical instruments, various MIDI devices and other audio sources.

Equalizer APO has a parametric and graphical 31-band equalizer for fine-tuning sound. In addition to the multi-band equalizer, the program also offers a large number of base and frequency filters, for example: Chorus, Delay, Copy, Preamplification, Notch Filter, All-pass Filter, High-shelf Filter, etc. In addition, it is possible to connect external VST audio plugins with additional functions. The settings made in the program can be saved in separate profiles and later used as you wish.

James (unverified)
Equalizer APO is the way to go from a better sound. The software can customize sound directly into the sound adapter. There are various input channels which are used when using an instrument, microphone or MIDI devices. There is a 31 equalizer for fine tuning.
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