Al Jazeera

by Aljazeera Media Network

An AI software that shows you all the latest news

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Aljazeera Media Network

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AI Jazeera is a freely downloadable software that allows anyone access to all the latest news and live broadcasts of AI Jazeera. While using AI Jazeera you can easily read up on any news you'd like, and tune into live broadcasts from all of your favorite sources and outlets! This software allows you to change and adjust it to your own personal liking by things such as changing font sizes, enabling text to speech, having live tiles with many different sizes, and other things that make using AI Jazeera easily usable and comfortable for users of this software. AI Jazeera also has an incredible feature that constantly allows it to make improvements based on what its AI has picked up on, in turn, constantly making the app better for all its users across the globe  

AI Jazeera allows you to share the news of your choice through other apps, And of corse since Jazeer is AI, there are data cached with constant and continuous improvements within the software and how it works with users to improve itself.

AI Jazeera global footprint continues to grow more and more everyday. It now broadcasts to more than 260 households on six continents in over 100 countries. AI Jazeera continues to learn what and what not do project out into the media stream, leaving every user to be satisfied with the content, features, and overall software.  

Provides availability of all latest news

  • Native support for Windows 8.1
  • Live tiles with 4 sizes 
  • Text To Speech for listening to news articles 
  • Adjustable font size for high resolution displays 
  • Shared contract enabled for sharing your news through other apps 
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