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A multiple platform music player application

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alltunes

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 Alltunes is a music utility application that allows users to search, buy and download. Alltunes's goal is to provide users with a quick and easy way to purchase and download music at affordable prices. Alltunes is a little different than your usual web-based music website. Instead of logging onto a website, buying your music, and downloading it, Alltunes requires you to use its software instead. This requirement is hit or miss for most people. Some like the fact that they need to access an application for a centralized location to all their songs, some would rather use a web browser. I personally like the application because I have access to all my songs regardless of the device I am using.


  • Integrated payment system.
  • Quick incremental search.
  • Compatible with all music players.
  • Secure transactions with no access to your payment information.
  • Free to use.
  • Small file size and quick download.

One of the best features that Alltunes has is its ability to access millions of songs with few restrictions. For example, iTunes users cannot get their music from multiple sources. They have to get their music from the iTunes store only. Alltunes allows you to grab your favorite music from any source that you can find. Alltunes also allows the user to purchase music without giving away any payment information. Most people aren't comfortable with giving away their credit card information when it comes to online purchases, I know I'm not. Alltunes circumvents that problem because it doesn't process or see any credit card information a user puts in. This is due to the SSL 3.0 security software that directly sends your information to the credit card processing company. Speaking of payment, Alltunes is considerably cheaper than both iTunes and Amazon, which was a pleasant surprise. However, the cost of music can add up over time if you aren't paying attention. I think overall, Alltunes is worth using if you are someone that often purchases music digitally.

Search, purchase, and download popular songs via application.

Windows XP/2000/Vista/7/8/8.1/10

allTunes beta 0.9 (2.91 MB)
allTunes 0.9 (2.91 MB)
There is now a way to find, and get the music you have been looking for. It is easy to use and to keep track of your spending. Alltunes for Windows also shows you what is new in music. You can download it easily for free. It has a the largest catalog of music and even music you will find nowhere else. All genre of music is available. It has what you have been looking for, price, selection, ease of use. It is works well with most formats. Try it for free today.
Hi friends, am a DJ person, i really liked this software , its totally worth for 80 MB, Especially its give a cut and paste option for the tunes its really a worth of it, also it can be mixed as the song maker, really a worth full software, highly recommended , please make use of it, there are so many good features overall, i have used the software for more than 5 months really good.
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