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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Apple

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iTunes is a program that lets you keep all your videos and music in one place, organize all your tracks and videos, and play them back. In iTunes, you can add files from your hard drive, music and videos from optical drives, and buy content from the Apple Store. It can also be synced with devices such as iPad, iPhone and iPod. All the content you buy in the store or import from discs is immediately placed in the library. Then you can quickly search for tracks and create playlists from them. Each track can be rated from 1 to 5 stars.

iTunes plays videos and music in many formats. There is a function that allows you to automatically create playlists with the same theme or track mood. Use iCloud to automatically synchronize your library between all your devices. When buying or importing a file, it is immediately transferred to all connected devices. "ITunes has a nice interface and many other functions. The program is free, so it is indispensable for owners of phones, tablets and players from Apple.

- an interesting Genius system that selects songs that you might like according to your tastes;

- Supports music and video streaming to your TV with AppleTV;

- A great media player that supports many popular formats;

- a handy AppStore app and iTunes digital store.

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