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A software that prevents malicious software from capturing keystrokes

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Anti-keylogger is a type of software that is used in detecting keystrokes in the system. Also, it is important the detection malicious users trying to share your personal information with you. So using an anti-keylogger, some of the keys you type won't get captured. And also anti-keylogger help safeguard your username, password, and other essential and important personal information that should be seen only by you. 

There are different types of anti-keylogger that I have come across, Ghostpress is one of the anti-keylogger that ensures your personal information is kept hidden and free from keyloggers. Zemana Anti-Logger also provides the privilege of hiding your personal information and making them safe.

Anti-keyloggers have tools that it combines to ensure that it works well. It combines tools like;
- Signature-based detection which helps in the identifying of a keylogger, matches a file that enters a computer to any file already there. If there is a match it means the new file is a threat
- Behavioral monitoring comes into play when the signature of a file starts to mutate and change over time. The behavioral monitoring feature starts to monitor the suspicious file. If the suspicious file or the keylogger keeps trying to get access to the keyboard, the behavioral monitoring will detect it and stop it from getting access to the keyboard.
A sandbox is a place where suspicious files are found, if the keylogger plans to track the keystrokes, it is stopped in the sandbox. So even if it gets pass the Signature-based detection and the Behavioral monitoring, it won't pass the Sandbox.

Anti-keylogger is very important in the system because it helps in the protection of your different personal information and everybody that want to keep his or her data safe should consider installing the anti-keylogging app. 


Detection of any keylogger present in the software/system
  • Detection of a suspicious threat
  • Protection of personal information
  • Monitoring of threats
  • Destroying the threats
  • Default deny security

- It also have a default deny feature
- It also have a default allow feature
- It also have a spear phishing protection
- It also have a fileless malware defense

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