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Operating system: Windows

Publisher: AntiSMS

Last revision: Last week

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At the next boot of Windows there appeared a screen with a call to send SMS-messages to "unlock" the operating system or containing accusations of any cybercrimes with an order to pay a fine through electronic terminals? Do not rush to go on about the cheaters or start reinstalling Windows. There is a much simpler way to get rid of such "blockers" - a program called AntiSMS. All you need to do is burn the application to a CD or USB drive on a "healthy" computer and boot from the right media on the infected one. After that the program will detect and delete the annoying lock screen by itself.

The utility itself is distributed as a disk image and is presented in two editions - for Windows 8 and earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system. You can use a special utility to write the application to a USB flash drive. The recording process itself will take you no more than a couple of minutes and will require three simple steps: selecting the right USB key, specifying the location of the program image, and starting the recording. In addition to basic functions, the program also knows how to find and fight a variety of Trojans. In general, AntiSMS is a very useful program that can be useful at any time. We strongly recommend that you always keep the media with the utility "just in case".

- allows you to easily get rid of all kinds of "blockers" of the operating system;

- can be recorded on a disk or flash drive;

- can find and destroy Trojan programs;

- works with any type of USB key;

- has a small weight;

- is completely free.

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