AppleXsoft Data Recovery Pro


An advanced and professional data recovery tool with deep scanning utility

Operating system: Windows


Release: AppleXsoft Data Recovery Pro

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In today's world of rapid technological data exchange, personal files and data are more important than ever in both personal and professional life. In the past, accidental deletion of files could induce panic in almost anyone, however, with today's technology and tools, and we no longer have to worry. Thanks to programs such as AppleXsoft Data Recovery Pro for Windows, data recovery is possible and easy for both novices and advanced users of information technology. AppleXsoft Data Recovery Pro allows users to recover data from deleted, lost, corrupted, or damaged Windows partitions and supports a variety of external devices and hardware such as memory cards, flash drives, hard drives, and many more external media drives. The reason for the cause of the damage is irrelevant to this program as it can handle all circumstances and situations from directory deletion, loss due to virus, power failure, partition deletion, etc. Even in the most extreme circumstances where your computer's drive won't mount, or you have to do a fresh reinstallation of Windows, this program can handle it all and still recover all of your data. 

When users first boot up the program, they will be greeted with the recovery wizard, which will walk them through the process step by step to ensure that there is no confusion or potential for error. This wizard is designed to guide you through the data recovery process in as few clicks as possible and even allows you to preview each file before you choose to include it in the recovery batch to ensure that you are fully aware of everything you are recovering. For advanced users that require even extra functionality, AppleXsoft Data Recovery supports RAW data and RAID arrays in addition to your more common and standard file types. For any users still struggling, there is included free tech support and step-by-step tutorials for those who purchase the full license. Overall this program is highly functional and recommended for anyone concerned about data loss and protecting themselves against permanent partition or file deletion.


Intensive deep scanning utility of this program enables it to support a large variety of file types and provides support for all recovery situations regardless of circumstance
  • Supports file and data recovery on external hardware and devices such as memory cards, flash drives, hard drives, and many more
  • Can handle all causes of data loss and file corruption from power failure to partition deletion to lose due to virus and much more
  • Includes easy to use and intuitive recovery wizard which helps you recover your data in just a few mouse clicks.
  • Supports RAW data and RAID arrays in addition to almost all common file types
  • Free tech support and tutorials included with full license

Supports all Windows operating systems

I accidentally deleted my wedding video. I was cleaning out my downloads folder and - without realizing it - deleted a precious memory from my computer. I didn't know what to do. I was so distraught, I thought I'd lost it forever. But AppleXsoft Data Recovery Pro for Windows saved my bacon - and my memories - by getting that file back! Here's how it works: When you delete a file on a PC, there's still data for that file on the disk, at least for a little while. If you use a recovery program like AppleXsoft quickly enough, it can find and restore those recently deleted files. And in my case, it worked! It works on computers, removable media (like flash drives), and can even search bad sectors. It was a lifesaver for me, so I definitely recommend it!
Applexsoft data recovery pro is totally used for windows. This is data recovered in all format files. Somany files saved and moved secured. So data transferred is very easily and securely. So this software is used only data recovered. This software main function is restore, formated and deleted files in computer data. So very useful on the windows. Installed is easy and secured. Somany old files transfered and saved is easily done on the computer.
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