AS SSD Benchmark

by Alex Schepeljanski

A tool for monitoring solid state drive performance through a series of tests

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alex Schepeljanski

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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AS SSD Benchmark is a very simple and practical utility designed for testing solid state drives. Externally, the program resembles CrystalDiskMark a little bit, but it is "tailored" only for SSDs. After a few simple tests, which, by the way, last for a few seconds, this utility will be able to display data on the maximum read and write speeds, as well as collect some technical information about the drive. The program detects these drives itself and gives you the option to choose from a list of drives. Additional tests allow you to determine the speed of copying game files, creating ISO, as well as the speed of data compression. They are all presented as separate tools.

Other advantages of AS SSD Benchmark include the fact that the application does not require installation. In order to start the tests, just unpack the archive and run the executable file. The program will leave no "traces" in the registry and temporary files. The only "activity traces" of AS SSD Benchmark will be text-based test reports and their results. In general, we have before us an extremely convenient benchmark, which has proved itself perfectly in "combat conditions".

- can quickly determine the maximum read and write speeds to SSDs;

- does not require installation on a computer and does not leave the keys in the system registry;

- has a simple interface that resembles the one in CrystalDiskMark;

- automatically detects all connected media;

- allows you to define the supported file compression speed.

Those who need to test solid state drives would find this software very useful..
Since this is an older delvelopment, it actually has the advantage of having been tried and proven time and time again. There is no need to worry about adaptability with more modern interfaces. The product is designed to be simple, and that is its strongest selling point.
This free to download utility for Windows is simple to use and allows users to perform several tests on their SSD Drives to expose problems within their system. Sometimes testing the performance of your SSD drive is important,and this handy and portable utility offers the perfect solution by allowing you to conduct three different tests on any SSD drive you have installed.
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