Auto Clicker Typer

by A Software Plus

This software is useful for the software workers who do a same like works for a while.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: A Software Plus

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The Auto clicker typer for Windows is very useful for repeated software workers. It records our cursor and clicks and changes it as a script for our work. If you were a software programmer this is going to be a really very helpful innovation for you. If you once do work for a specific project you can record the action doing in the window and save it aas script. This is a great job for you when you get a similar job you can run the script and get finish it. And you have the option to stop the script anywhere if u like to quit. If you want to have do some small changes in the script go and edit your script as you want. Keep it for a while. If you think the existing script not going to useful afterward then you can delete it also.You can make as many scripts you want. You can make the list of the script and save it in the software. It makes our job much easier than all time keep on doing the same thing in the window.  If you don't want the entire list of scripts then you can use the clear list button to clear the list of scripts you record earlier.

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