AVS TV Recorder

by Media Technologies

Save video from cameras and TV tuners to computer and encode to MPEG-2

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Media Technologies

Release: AVS TV Recorder

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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With AVS TV Recorder for Windows, you will be able to transfer and save as an MPEG-2 on your computer video from DV and VHS cameras and recorders.  Saving to MPEG-2 will save these transfers in a space-saving manner to your computer hard drive.  You will be able to use this captured video to make your own movies.  AVS TV Recorder has been tested with a wide array of devices listed on their web-site and the listing is not just for the devices that work well with it, it also lists those devices which are problematic. There is robust support for this product both by phone and online.  Online guides are available for self-help.


  • Current Version: 
  • File Size: 161.04 MG
  • Published by Online Media Technologies LTD
  • One Year Subscription $39.00
  • Unlimited subscription $59.00
  • Older versions are free
  • Download online
  • Major credit cards and wire transfer accepted
  • Online forum
  • Online support
  • Telephone support
  • Online Manuals
  • List of compatible devices
  • List of incompatible devices
  • Transfer from DV
  • Transfer from VHS
  • Transfer from WEB camera
  • Capture live video or TV shows
  • Saves to  MPEG-2
  • Saves space on computer hard drive
  • Works with Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • Ranked #39 in Video Recording

This well supported quality software will allow you capture and save any video material from a variety of sources to your computer hard drive in an effective space saving MPEG-2 format.  You will then be able to edit this material and make your own movies.

Transfer video from any video capture device connected to your computer and save it directly to MPEG-2
Korinne Gray
I don't know about you all, but I have many tapes from family vacation, birthday parties etc. trapped without the ability to watch unless I use a VHS player. Now there is a great product available to transfer and save as a MPEG-2 on your computer. You will be able to show your kids the way things were back in the 80's and 90's without having to pull out the "old fashioned" tape player that most of the kids these days have never heard of. If you have any issues at all, don't worry, they have an amazing support team for this product. You can reach someone via phone or online as well as view online help guides. If you have memories trapped from a camcorder and no way to show them, you're in luck! This is a must have!
AVS TV recorder is a very useful product! It allows the safe and easy transfer of MPEG-2 from DV and VHS tapes, something I find myself doing all of the time. If you need a product to transfer, I recommend this
This is a really neat software product! It allows you to transfer videos from any source and save them on your computer in MPEG-2 format. This means you can transfer video from old DV and VHS tapes to your computer to share with your family. To subscribe for one year is 39.99 but the unlimited subscription is 59.99 which is totally worth it instead of the one year plan. This product will save you space on your computer because of the format it saves in and is compatible with most Windows software. For example, Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. You can really reminisce about your most valuable memories!
Euan Durham
As most people over 35, many of the videos we took when we were younger weren't saved onto a micro chip that isnt easily transferable between modern day devices. This software makes retrieving and getting those videos much easier.
It is open-source software and very easy to download it has the ability to download all type of images had all type of video from all kind of different sources it also has a feature like having an intuitive interface and we can see all devices like video capturing device and also have a feature like easy to install and easy to use.
Hey, you if you want to record your screen then it for you. I find it very awesome you should try it too. I am finding it so helpful as we know education is so tough without teaching and due to COVID we know schools are closed so we can teach too with the help of this recorder.
It helps the user to watch and capture videos immediately after the application is installed. It must be installed on a computer or any other device before it is accessed. As soon as it is installed it can be accessed even by beginners. It is very easy to use application. There is a record button to record all your favorite shows and then you can easily play it by clicking on the play button. It is amazing and extraordinary software. And it can be used by everyone. To watch the channels you need to click on the OK button.
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