Basic Bookkeeping

by OWL Software

An intuitive, single-entry accounting solution for small businesses and sole proprietors

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: OWL Software

Release : Basic Bookkeeping 7.1.2

Antivirus check: passed

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The 'Basic Bookkeeping' software is a comprehensive accounting program designed for business owners, not accountants. The main focus of this software is its intuitive approach to accounting via a simple entry method. Highly accessible, this software allows you to record your income and expenses without having to worry about complex accounting jargon, such as debits and credits. If you've previously used "Dome" books, such as "Simplified Monthly Accounting", you'll find this software quite familiar.

With its unique entry method, 'Basic Bookkeeping' is perfectly suited for the majority of small businesses, including independent contractors, sole proprietors, partnerships, and S-corporations. The software is favored for its functionality over flashy graphics. Indeed, the user interface is designed to minimize input time and errors.

  • Simple entry of income and expenses
  • User-friendly interface designed to minimize input time and errors
  • A comprehensive set of reports instantly available for decision-making
  • The ability to directly print expense checks from the software (New in Version 7)
  • The capacity to track mileage and print a mileage log (New in Version 7)

Many users appreciate the elegant simplicity of 'Basic Bookkeeping', having been frustrated with more complex accounting systems such as QuickBooks. As one user wrote: "Your program is exactly what I needed. I struggled with QuickBooks for several years. It's MUCH more complicated than what I need. As a sole business owner with only about twenty transactions a month, Basic Bookkeeping is far better suited to my needs."

'Basic Bookkeeping' simplifies business accounting by eliminating complex jargon and offering a user-friendly interface.

Another significant aspect of 'Basic Bookkeeping' is the complete set of instantly available reports that assist in business decisions. The reports are clear, concise, and designed to organize income and expense information for business activity analysis and tax preparation, whether you do it yourself or hire an accountant. The success of your business starts with smart money management, and you can't know where you're going if you don't know where you are.

In Version 7, the software now allows users to directly print expense checks from the program. Just enter the expense amount, fill out the check, and 'Basic Bookkeeping' can print a check ready to be placed in a windowed envelope and mailed. Additionally, Version 7 introduces the ability to track mileage and print a mileage log.

OS: Windows 7 or later
RAM: 1GB or more
Free disk space: 100MB
Printer compatible for direct printing of expense checks

Simplifies bookkeeping with intuitive, simple entry method.
Minimizes input errors due to user-friendly interface.
Offers comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.

Interface is not visually appealing.
Lacks advanced accounting features.
No multi-user functionality.
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