The complete veterinary management software to manage patients and clients

Operating system: Windows


Release : Bastet 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

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If you’re a veterinarian, 90% of your time will be wasted on doing manual paperwork and sorting out different pieces of paper. For this, you need cloud-based software to handle the time-consuming task of handling patients and storing client information. Bastet comes as an effective solution that can store documents digitally and save on manual paperwork. It offers a centralized database, so all your data remains on one single platform.

The best thing is that this management software does not change or subtract the database, and the automatic backup system protects your important information. It offers a high level of flexibility to manage your clinic and perform the vital tasks of storing data. You can automate business processes, including appointments, waiting rooms, consultations, vaccinations and billing. It also allows you to print labels, receipts, or permits so you can quickly tackle multiple clients and patients.


  • An advanced integral management application to provide full control over your veterinary clinic.
  • It has an intuitive interface to keep track of all your business processes and administer clients better.
  • The centralized database allows you to search the previously written data, manage information, or enter new data of all clients and pets.
  • You can also print the labels, receipts, or permits and free yourself from hectic administrative work.
  • It provides a complete communication system to market your services and get in touch with clients through a powerful messaging option.
  • You can install it on any computer as it supports multiple operating systems and has enough CPU memory to work efficiently without lagging.

To better handle your everyday work tasks, this veterinary management system has a modern homogenous design that reduces the cost of learning. It perfectly integrates with external applications like different versions of Microsoft Office and offers a convenient way of storing information.

Not only this but Bestet can also work with widely used devices like printers, barcode readers, and microchip readers. Install it now to manage your veterinary clinic seamlessly and digitally.

Bastet offers forty perfectly integrated modules and a high level of automation to fulfill your business needs on a single centralized database.
Compatible with latest network security protocols
Advanced algorithms for threat detection capabilities
Intuitive and user-friendly interface
Dynamic adaptation to new threats

Comprehensive protection against network attacks.
Sophisticated algorithms minimize system intrusion risks.
Dynamically learns and adapts to new threats.

May be too complex for novice users.
Could be resource-heavy on older systems.
Lacks multilingual support.
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