by Hayzam Sherif

A complete workflow management system for seamless governance and compliance solutions

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To align your overall business strategy, you need a governance tool that can handle everything on a single platform. Torque is the ultimate software that works alongside your organization or enterprise system so you can effectively manage data within a centralized database. It tracks all governance, risk, and compliance activities and prepares a fully automated report so you can manage things with ease.

This custom software is specifically built for your business and helps agencies accelerate growth, scale development, or design various business capabilities. It offers a highly secure cloud-based SaaS solution and is trusted by high-level government organizations to streamline their workflow and increase efficiency. It saves time by generating accurate reports and thus acts as a complete workflow management system.


  • A governance tool to help large entities and organizations in aligning their development or business strategy.
  • It enables users to track performance by measuring the availability, usability, and security of the data.
  • You can perform different effective business operations using its secure cloud-based governance tools and save time on manual reporting, recording, or calling.
  • It provides you with accurate, quick, and intuitive reporting, so there is no margin of error, and you can get customizable reporting within minutes.
  • Different government departments and local councils use it for end-to-end management of their governance, risk, compliance, and assurance needs.
  • It works on all devices and has no complex system requirements. You can install it easily on your computer as it is compatible with all Windows versions.

Besides providing governance tools, Torque also offers increased access to data so regulated entities can meet their governance obligations efficiently and effectively. It is a transparent and trustworthy tool that takes the pain out of compliance to support your business growth.

It uses innovative technology to provide Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) expertise to organizations and agencies. Install it now to access its advanced features like data duplication, manual entry, detailed audit, and many more.

Torque provides you with flexible governance tools that allow organizations to replace long spreadsheets with a single cloud-based tool.
1. Compatible with Linux, UNIX, and Windows operating systems.
2. Support for multiple programming languages.

Open-source software, allowing for customization and regular updates.
Supports multiple job scheduling interfaces for flexibility of use.
Offers robust solutions for managing large-scale computing tasks.

Command line interface may be challenging for beginners.
Lacks a graphical user interface.
Community support may vary in responsiveness.
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