Batch Files

by BinaryMark

A tool for processing large quantities of files using a range of operations

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: BinaryMark

Release : Batch Files 5.0.5

Antivirus check: passed

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Batch files are a type of software that allows manipulation of large quantities of files in a single operation. Also known as command files, they are typically used for automating common tasks on an operating system. These files can be used to perform various operations on a set of files, such as editing, deleting, moving, or formatting them. They can also be used to extract, convert, encode, or encrypt text and bytes in multiple files.

One significant feature of Batch files is their ability to process thousands of files using multiple CPU cores. They can be used manually, automatically, on a schedule, or directly from the Windows Explorer context menu. With such flexibility, Batch files help optimize efficiency and productivity in computer tasks.

  • Mass File Processing: Batch files can process thousands of files simultaneously, saving considerable time.
  • Task Automation: They allow for the automation of numerous tasks, such as moving, formatting, or deleting files.
  • Support for Regular Expressions (RegEx): Batch files offer full support for regular expressions, allowing for advanced file searches and operations.
  • Unicode Support: Unicode support allows for the processing of files in many different text formats, even those not in English.
  • Detailed logs: Batch files provide detailed logs of performed operations, available both in the user interface and the log files.

Batch files also provide options for saving files to a specified output directory, using either an absolute or relative path, with either the original name or a new name defined by a mask. They also feature an advanced file search function, allowing for the selection of files for processing based on their name, dates, size, and content. With the ability to merge, split, or compress processed files, Batch files offer significant flexibility in file handling.

Batch Files software significantly enhances efficiency and productivity by automating and optimizing bulk file operations.
Operating System: Windows 7 or higher
Processor: Multi-core CPU for large-scale file processing
Memory: 1GB RAM or more for optimal operation
Hard Drive Space: At least 100MB for software installation

Allows for large scale automation of tasks, saving time.
Enables advanced file searches and operations via RegEx.
Provides detailed logs of performed operations.

Can cause severe damage if commands are improperly used.
Lack of graphic user interface may deter non-technical users.
Mistakes in scripting can lead to unstoppable repetitive tasks.
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