Caps Lock Indicator
It's a tool providing visible and auditory notifications for your Caps Lock status.
nnCron LITE
Clone of previously used cron for windows
A program that can be set to automate operations on a computer
Typle works on speech recognition technology and give best performances even on simple microphones
PC Auto Shutdown
Allows one to set the PC or computer to shut down
It is a mouse provided for windows
My Macros
Insight on how diet effects ones goals for windows
Anti Autorun-7 is a free software application that protects your removable disks
Auto Poweron Shutdown
Control your PC within a Shutoff and Poweron state with ease
Allows the user to shut down the processor at a given time
GS Auto Clicker
Set sequences and adjust frequency between clicks
Easy Macro Recorder
Useful software to aid in the automation of work by recording keystrokes
A program that saves time by automating tasks that are performed often
Process Killer
Shuts down processes that are not responding
A program which will turn off and turn on Your computer at that given time
Switch Off
Software that can do planned shutdowns and restarts of your computer
Automatic Mouse and Keyboard
A programmable app for Windows that simulates mouse/keyboard inputs using pictures
Macro Recorder
Macro Recorder for Windows makes those boring repetitive task easy
Autorun Organizer
Affordable GIF creater for windows processor
Fast Launcher
A way to launch programs on windows in a quick manner
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